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Sunday, May 2, 2021

1990 Utica Blue Sox, short-season affiliate of the Chicago White Sox

Features on each member of the 1990 Utica Blue Sox, short-season affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, as included in that year's team set.

Utica Blue Sox (33)

  1. Bill Ballou had patience, calming effect as minors coach; In offseason, he taught physical education in school, 4/18/21
  2. Rod Bolton stayed on an even enough keel to see the bigs over two seasons, also saw Japan, 4/29/21
  3. Mike Bradish played for South Bend, his mother almost did; He saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 4/16/21
  4. Frank Campos came on in 19th inning of 1988 game, got win; Saw nine pro seasons, made AAA, 3/28/21
  5. Rolando Caridad pitched as expected in high school, well; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 4/16/21
  6. Kevin Coughlin gained confidence at single-A, he then got to play with Jordan; Made AAA, 3/26/21
  7. Lee Dorsey got drafted, but didn't sign; Signed out of tryout, saw three pro games, 3/30/21
  8. Chris Fruge came on strong, then got delayed shot at pros; Saw single pro campaign, 4/30/21
  9. Dave Gorman turned pro and turned to pitching; Played in two pro seasons, made single-A, 4/2/21
  10. Todd Hotz got playing time at Texas, then got it in the pros; Played a single pro campaign, then became attorney, 3/25/21
  11. Pat Hulme picked up win in GCL; Saw rookie league over three seasons, briefly Utica, 4/15/21
  12. Jonathan Jenkins returned to field after stress fracture; Saw eight pro seasons, made high-A, 3/24/21
  13. Charley Lau Jr. followed his father into coaching hitters, became 'hitting guru' in own right, 4/19/21
  14. Todd Martin flat out hit in high school, enough for third round; Pro career lasted two seasons, 3/31/21
  15. Ron McKay has served as a coach in high school, college and pros, also as instructor, 4/20/21
  16. Dan Monzon never doubted his ability to play; Saw four pro seasons, made single-A, 3/27/21
  17. Morganna made her name - The Kissing Bandit - on the field, just not really invited, 5/1/21
  18. Murnane Field has hosted sports for decades, before the pro Blue Sox arrived, and after they left, 4/11/12
  19. Rogelio Nunez played nine seasons, learned English with Michael Jordan's help; Made AA, 4/5/21
  20. Rafael Ochoa used his ability over four pro seasons; Hoped to make bigs, made single-A, 4/23/21
  21. Rick Ray served as a minors trainer, then in college and as a mentor, 4/21/21
  22. Adam Sanders broke up no-hitter with hard grounder in 1990; Saw two pro seasons, 4/1/21
  23. Ernesto Santana got called up for exhibition; Saw seven pro seasons, never saw AA, 4/2/21
  24. John Smith picked up late-season complete-game win for Utica; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 3/26/21
  25. Joe Solimine hit to opposite field over three pro seasons, made single-A; Later went into insurance, 4/23/21
  26. Chris Sparrow came back from slump with home run at Utica; Played two pro seasons, 4/25/21
  27. Keith Strange hoped position moves would better bigs opportunity; Played four pro seasons, made AA, 4/8/21
  28. Dean Tatarian hit Yankee Stadium home run; Played six pro seasons, made AAA, never made bigs, 4/12/21
  29. Craig Teter had 14-game hitting streak in rookie ball; Saw three pro seasons, made single-A, 4/17/21
  30. Tommy Thompson played, coached for years in White Sox system; Later got career 2nd chance through sobriety, 4/17/21
  31. Kevin Tolar got his pitches over for a decade plus, then made the majors; Saw time in three ML campaigns, 4/3/21
  32. Kerry Valrie loved to hit, in two sports; Played nine pro baseball seasons, made AAA, also tried for NFL, 4/9/21
  33. Barry Williams showed sterling defense in a 1990 game at Utica; Saw two pro seasons, 4/27/21

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