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Sunday, May 2, 2021

1990 Utica Blue Sox player profiles, Chicago White Sox

Features on each member of the 1990 Utica Blue Sox, short-season affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, as included in that year's team set.

Utica Blue Sox (33)

  1. Bill Ballou had patience, calming effect as minors coach
  2. Rod Bolton didn't dwell, saw bigs over 2 seasons, Japan
  3. Mike Bradish played for South Bend, his mother almost did
  4. Frank Campos got win in long game, saw 9 seasons, made AAA
  5. Rolando Caridad pitched well in high school, saw 5 seasons
  6. Kevin Coughlin gained confidence, then played with Jordan
  7. Lee Dorsey got drafted, but didn't sign; Signed out of tryout, saw three pro games, 3/30/21
  8. Chris Fruge came on strong, then got delayed shot at pros; Saw single pro campaign, 4/30/21
  9. Dave Gorman turned pro and turned to pitching; Played in two pro seasons, made single-A, 4/2/21
  10. Todd Hotz got playing time at Texas, then got it in the pros; Played a single pro campaign, then became attorney, 3/25/21
  11. Pat Hulme picked up win in GCL; Saw rookie league over three seasons, briefly Utica, 4/15/21
  12. Jonathan Jenkins returned to field after stress fracture; Saw eight pro seasons, made high-A, 3/24/21
  13. Charley Lau Jr. followed his father into coaching hitters, became 'hitting guru' in own right, 4/19/21
  14. Todd Martin flat out hit in high school, enough for third round; Pro career lasted two seasons, 3/31/21
  15. Ron McKay has served as a coach in high school, college and pros, also as instructor, 4/20/21
  16. Dan Monzon never doubted his ability to play; Saw four pro seasons, made single-A, 3/27/21
  17. Morganna made name - Kissing Bandit - on field, uninvited
  18. Murnane Field has hosted sports for decades, before the pro Blue Sox arrived, and after they left, 4/11/12
  19. Rogelio Nunez played nine seasons, learned English with Michael Jordan's help; Made AA, 4/5/21
  20. Rafael Ochoa used his ability over four pro seasons; Hoped to make bigs, made single-A, 4/23/21
  21. Rick Ray served as a minors trainer, then in college and as a mentor, 4/21/21
  22. Adam Sanders broke up no-hitter with hard grounder in 1990; Saw two pro seasons, 4/1/21
  23. Ernesto Santana got called up for exhibition; Saw seven pro seasons, never saw AA, 4/2/21
  24. John Smith picked up late-season complete-game win for Utica; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 3/26/21
  25. Joe Solimine hit to opposite field over three pro seasons, made single-A; Later went into insurance, 4/23/21
  26. Chris Sparrow came back from slump with home run at Utica; Played two pro seasons, 4/25/21
  27. Keith Strange hoped position moves would better bigs opportunity; Played four pro seasons, made AA, 4/8/21
  28. Dean Tatarian hit Yankee Stadium home run; Played six pro seasons, made AAA, never made bigs, 4/12/21
  29. Craig Teter had 14-game hitting streak in rookie ball; Saw three pro seasons, made single-A, 4/17/21
  30. Tommy Thompson played, coached for years in White Sox system; Later got career 2nd chance through sobriety, 4/17/21
  31. Kevin Tolar got his pitches over for a decade plus, then made the majors; Saw time in three ML campaigns, 4/3/21
  32. Kerry Valrie loved to hit, in two sports; Played nine pro baseball seasons, made AAA, also tried for NFL, 4/9/21
  33. Barry Williams showed sterling defense in a 1990 game at Utica; Saw two pro seasons, 4/27/21

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