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Friday, July 18, 2014

1990 Harrisburg Senators

The former Riverside Stadium in 2013. Riverside, now Metro Bank Park, was home to the 1990 Harrisburg Senators.
Features on each member of the 1990 Harrisburg Senators, AA affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Interview (2)
1 - Joe Ausanio, Hard Work
Joe Ausanio picked his jaw off the floor and headed to the majors.
2 - Jim Czajkowski, Stepped Foot
Jim Czajkowski wasn't OK to pitch that night at AAA. He was going to the majors.

Harrisburg Senators (26)
1 - Steve Adams, Bad Inning
 Steve Adams had a bad inning in 1990. He played six seasons as a pro.
2 - Moises Alou, Body English
Body English helped Moises Alou homer in the 1997 World Series.
3 - Joe Ausanio, Come True
Joe Ausanio made the bigs for the greatest month of his life. He's now with the Hudson Valley Renegades.
4 - Jeff Banister, Kept Going
Sometimes the only thing that kept Jeff Banister going was baseball.
5 - Scott Barczi, Defensive Catcher
Scott Barczi was one of AA league's top defensive catchers. He never made the majors.
6 - Marc Bombard, His Role
Marc Bombard threw a minor league perfect game. He had a long career as a coach.
7 - Terry Crowley, Infield Prospect
Terry Crowley was acquired for a major leaguer. He never made the majors.
8 - Jim Czajkowski, Big Leaguer
Jim Czajkowski got to the majors with hard work. He's now a coach in the minors.
9 - Carlos Garcia, Every Time
Carlos Garcia stayed ready to play in 10 major league seasons. He's now a minor league manager.
10 - Miguel Garcia, Like Everyone
Miguel Garcia liked to be in the majors. He just had to do his job to stay.
11 - Robert Harris, Not Fulfilled
Robert Harris and his family made sacrifices in the minors. He never made the majors.
12 - Trent Jewett, Baseball Man
Trent Jewett got experience as a minor league player and coach. He then made the bigs.
13 - Blas Minor, Around Awhile
Blas Minor believed the Pirates organization gave him a good shot. He got into six major league seasons.
14 - Pete Murphy, Continued Playing
Pete Murphy endured his college football coach's tirade. He continued in baseball.
15 - Jeff Osborne, Do Both
Jeff Osborne liked to hit for both power and average. He never got to the bigs to hit for either.
16 - Julio Peguero, Waiver Rules
Julio Peguero had a quick, short stroke. He made the majors for all of 14 games.
17 - Julio Perez, Manufactured Run
Julio Perez manufactured a run at single-A. He played six seasons in the minors.
18 - Keith Richardson, Strong Start
Keith Richardson started his career strong. He couldn't keep it up.
19 - Mike Sandoval, His Goals
Mike Sandovall had a trainer's goals: Keep his players on the field.
20 - Randy Tomlin, Was Alright
Randy Tomlin's heart beat fast before his major league debut. He then threw a complete game.
21 - Jim Tracy, Career High
Jim Tracy played nine seasons in the minors. He never made bigs.
22 - Junior Vizcaino, Making Assessments
Junior Vizcaino was assessed as a player. He's now doing that as a scout.
23 - Ben Webb, No Regrets
Ben Webb had his chance. He didn't make the bigs. He had no regrets.
24 - John Wehner, In The Dirt
John Wehner played for his hometown Pirates. He's now announcing for them.
25 - Spin Williams, So Excited
Spin Williams became Pirates pitching coach and was so excited.
26 - Ed Yacopino, Only Way
Ed Yacopino knew he had to put up numbers to make the bigs. He never made it.

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