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Friday, July 18, 2014

1990 Harrisburg Senators, AA Pittsburgh: Baseball Profiles

Ed Yacopino 1990 Harrisburg Senators card

Features on each member of the 1990 Harrisburg Senators, AA affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Interview (2)
1 - Joe Ausanio, Hard Work
Joe Ausanio picked his jaw off the floor and headed to the majors.
2 - Jim Czajkowski, Stepped Foot
Jim Czajkowski wasn't OK to pitch that night at AAA. He was going to the majors.

Harrisburg Senators (26)
Steve Adams 1990 Harrisburg Senators card
1 - Steve Adams had bad inning in 1990 game; Played six seasons
2 - Moises Alou knew about body English
3 - Joe Ausanio saw bigs over two seasons with Yankees, 41 games
4 - Jeff Banister came back from HS cancer to make bigs, manage
5 - Scott Barczi defended well at Harrisburg, saw 4 pro seasons
6 - Marc Bombard pitched in minors, took role as minors manager
7 - Terry Crowley, Infield Prospect
Terry Crowley was acquired for a major leaguer. He never made the majors.
8 - Jim Czajkowski, Big Leaguer
Jim Czajkowski got to the majors with hard work. He's now a coach in the minors.
9 - Carlos Garcia, Every Time
Carlos Garcia stayed ready to play in 10 major league seasons. He's now a minor league manager.
10 - Miguel Garcia, Like Everyone
Miguel Garcia liked to be in the majors. He just had to do his job to stay.
11 - Robert Harris, Not Fulfilled
Harrisburg Senators 1990 checklist cardRobert Harris and his family made sacrifices in the minors. He never made the majors.
12 - Trent Jewett, Baseball Man
Trent Jewett got experience as a minor league player and coach. He then made the bigs.
13 - Blas Minor, Around Awhile
Blas Minor believed the Pirates organization gave him a good shot. He got into six major league seasons.
14 - Pete Murphy, Continued Playing
Pete Murphy endured his college football coach's tirade. He continued in baseball.
15 - Jeff Osborne, Do Both
Jeff Osborne liked to hit for both power and average. He never got to the bigs to hit for either.
16 - Julio Peguero, Waiver Rules
Julio Peguero had a quick, short stroke. He made the majors for all of 14 games.
17 - Julio Perez, Manufactured Run
Julio Perez manufactured a run at single-A. He played six seasons in the minors.
18 - Keith Richardson, Strong Start
Keith Richardson started his career strong. He couldn't keep it up.
19 - Mike Sandoval, His Goals
Mike Sandovall had a trainer's goals: Keep his players on the field.
20 - Randy Tomlin, Was Alright
Randy Tomlin's heart beat fast before his major league debut. He then threw a complete game.
21 - Jim Tracy, Career High
Jim Tracy played nine seasons in the minors. He never made bigs.
22 - Junior Vizcaino, Making Assessments
Junior Vizcaino was assessed as a player. He's now doing that as a scout.
23 - Ben Webb, No Regrets
Ben Webb had his chance. He didn't make the bigs. He had no regrets.
24 - John Wehner, In The Dirt
John Wehner played for his hometown Pirates. He's now announcing for them.
25 - Spin Williams, So Excited
Spin Williams became Pirates pitching coach and was so excited.
26 - Ed Yacopino, Only Way
Ed Yacopino knew he had to put up numbers to make the bigs. He never made it.

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