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Saturday, January 23, 2016

1990 Auburn Astros player profiles, Houston affiliate

Falcon Park II in Auburn, NY, in 2008. The 1990 Auburn Astros played at Falcon Park I. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 Auburn Astros, short-season affiliate of the Houston Astros.

Auburn Astros (29)
Don Alexander 1990 Auburn Astros card 1 - Don Alexander coached in minors with Astros, Padres, others
2 - Dave Allen won statewide HS honor, played seven pro seasons
3 - Jeff Ball got first - and only - ML hit in 9th pro season
4 - Efrain Barreiro went from Puerto Rico to pros, saw 2 seasons
5 - Marc Copeland, Director Honor
Marc Copeland won an honor in his post-training field in hospital work.
6 - Jose Flores, Hit Streak
Jose Flores hit in 18-straight games at high-A. He never made the bigs.
7 - Tony Gilmore, Much Confidence
Tony Gilmore had confidence hitting in college. He played six pro seasons.
8 - John Graham, Baseball Town
Served as GM in the baseball town of Auburn, NY
9 - Lincoln Gumbs, Two Returns
Auburn Astros 1990 checklist cardLincoln Gumbs twice returned to the pros. He's now an instructor.
10 - Mark Hampton, Good Pitcher
Mark Hampton pitched well in independent ball. He never made AA.
11 - Chris Hatcher, Caught On
Chris Hatcher's future included eight games with the Royals in KC.
12 - Bob Hurlbutt, Prove Himself
Bob Hurlbutt didn't plan for injury, or for a short career.
13 - Bob Hurta, To Use
Bob Hurta played six pro seasons. He made AAA, not the bigs.
14 - Michael Irwin, Low ERA
Michael Irwin posted a low ERA in college. He played a single-season as a pro.
15 - Marty Jones, All Together
Marty Jones improved early in 1989. He never put it all together.
16 - Doug Ketchen, Pitch Consistently
Doug Ketchen looked to pitch consistently. He made AAA, but not the bigs.
Auburn Astros 1990 logo card
17 - Layne Lambert, Only Run
Layne Lambert made AA briefly in 1992. He played three seasons.
18 - Ray Montgomery, Paid Off
Ray Montgomery stayed healthy, made the Astros over three seasons.
19 - Gary Mota, Some Things
Gary Mota was once a top Astros prospect. He never made bigs like other Motas.
20 - Brian Porter, Two Roles
He had two roles at Auburn, player and assistant GM.
21 - Rick Peters Kids' Dream
Rick Peters realized a kids' dream.
22 - Steve Powers, Freshman Outing
Steve Powers had good freshman outing in college. He played four pro seasons.
23 - Vince Roman, Big Role
Vince Roman helped his college to the Division III World Series title. He never made the bigs.
24 - Tyrone Scott, Live Arm
Tyrone Scott had a live arm in high school. He played four seasons, never made AA.
25 - Bryan Smith, Exciting Plan
Bryan Smith's own exciting baseball plan never fully came to be.
26 - Marc Techman, Other Pursuits
Looked forward to a career in baseball administration, didn't stick.
27 - Fletcher Thompson, His Speed
Fletcher Thompson showed off his speed in college and the pros. He never made the bigs.
28 - Steve Veit, Day Before
Steve Veit waited a year to sign. He played two pro seasons.
29 - David Wilson, Ready To
David Wilson popped the ball to the pros, but not well enough for the bigs.

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