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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

1990 Baseball City Royals player profiles, Kansas City

Features on each member of the 1990 Baseball City Royals, high-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals as included in that year's team set. 

Baseball City Royals (31)

  1. Mike Alvarez turned from pitching to long career as coach, 12/28/23
  2. Jose Anglero made AAA early, saw six seasons, missed bigs, 1/28/24
  3. Mike Beall got out of single-A slump, saw three pro seasons, 1/20/24
  4. Jacob Brumfield returned from bad injury to see 7 ML seasons, 1/1/24
  5. Sean Collins played 7 pro seasons, 5 independent, coached, 1/19/24
  6. Huascar DeLeon got key out at Appleton, saw four pro seasons, 1/21/24
  7. Bill Drohan pitched well in high school, saw 4 pro seasons, 12/14/23
  8. Linton Dyer tried different plate approach, saw six seasons, 1/14/24
  9. Mark Farnsworth helped keep players healthy over decades, 2/4/24
  10. Jeff Garber used his work ethic to make AAA, later manage, 1/9/24
  11. Chris Garibaldo got signed in 'danger zone,' saw 3 seasons, 12/13/23
  12. Greg Harvey worked on his mechanics over five pro seasons, 12/23/23
  13. Steve Hoeme picked up confidence at AA, saw nine pro seasons, 12/16/23
  14. Bobby Holley's career spanned decade, made AAA with Mariners, 12/27/23
  15. Brad Hopper got fair shot at Fullerton, saw four pro seasons, 12/17/23
  16. Ron Johnson became the perfect AAA manager, passed in 2021, 1/25/24
  17. Gary Koenig played 2 seasons, later turned high school coach, 1/30/24
  18. Kevin Long missed bigs as player, has seen four WS as coach, 12/30/23
  19. John McCormick saw four pro seasons, made high-A with Royals, 12/29/23
  20. Steve Otto used his stuff to see 3 pro seasons with Royals, 12/26/23
  21. Mark Parnell impressed at tryout, played four pro seasons, 12/20/23
  22. Hipolito Pichardo threw gem as rookie, saw decade in bigs, 1/6/24
  23. Ben Pierce liked pitching in relief, saw four pro seasons, 12/17/23
  24. Brian Poldberg spent career with Royals, managed in hometown, 2/6/24
  25. Darryl Robinson willed his hitters to hit, played 12 seasons, 1/7/24
  26. Kevin Shaw was once a prospect, saw seven seasons, made AA, 1/17/24
  27. Randy Vaughn worked on concentrating over 3 seasons, made AA, 1/31/24
  28. Hugh Walker reminded Royals scouts of Bo, missed majors, 1/10/24
  29. Darren Watkins got hurt, missed chance to impress, made AAA, 1/16/24
  30. Mike Webster got strong in high school, made 2 pro seasons, 1/11/24
  31. Don Wright paid attention to pitches over four pro seasons, 1/13/24

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