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1990 Albany Yankees

The remains of Heritage Park in March 2008. Heritage Park was home to the Albany-Colonie Yankees from 1985 to 1994. (G21D Photo)
Features on each member of the 1990 Albany Yankees, AA affiliate of the New York Yankees. Players are as included in that year's team set.

1990 Albany Yankees (31)
1 - Darrin Chapin, First Pitch
Darrin Chapin always tried to go after hitters. Eventually he did so enough to make the majors for four games. 
2 - Royal Clayton, Well Kept
Royal Clayton had a professional approach to the game at Albany-Colonie. He didn't make the majors. 
3 - Andy Cook, Worked Out
Andy Cook pitched well enough to make the Yankees in 1993. But he couldn't stick. Four outings and he was done. 
4 - Bobby DeJardin, Mature Player
Bobby DeJardin used his biggest edge to get himself to AAA. He never could get himself to the majors.
5 - Bobby Dickerson, Taught Him
Bobby Dickerson learned from his minor league manager. He's coaching in 2013 for that manager in majors with the Orioles. 
6 - Rick Down, Hands On
Rick Down was a hands-on kind of coach. He coached in the bigs for 15-plus seasons. 
7 - Doug Gogolewski, Closed for Mariano
Doug Gogolewski once closed for Mariano Rivera. He also never made the majors. 
8 - Freddie Hailey, Stayed Pumped
Freddie Hailey stayed pumped for his regional game in college. He stayed playing as a pro for four seasons, never made bigs. 
9 - Chris Howard, Good Chance
Chris Howard came back from minor league retirement to resume his career, and make the majors. 
10 - Scott Kamieniecki, Good Things
Scott Kamieniecki worked hard to return from back injury. He then played a decade in the bigs.
11 - Pat Kelly, World Stage
Pat Kelly never got to play in a World Series with the Yankees. He has since moved to other side of the world, as general manager in Australian baseball. 
12 - Joe Lefebvre, Play Ball
Joe Lefebvre loved to play ball. He played ball in the majors and has moved to coaching it in the bigs. 
13 - Mitch Lyden, Couldn't Script
Mitch Lyden waited a decade in the minors, then, in his first major league at bat, he hit a home run. 
14 - Ramon Manon, Few Adjustments
Ramon Manon had adjustments to make after his brief stint in the majors. He never got back. 
15 - Billy Masse, Proved Himself
Billy Masse felt like he proved himself at AAA and deserved a shot at the bigs. He never got that shot. 
16 - Russ "Monk" Meyer, Solid Guy
Russ "Monk" Meyer had a temper, but he was a teammate guys wanted.
17 - Tom Newell, Good Arm
Tom Newell switched to a new position, then made the majors.
18 - Vince Phillips, Four Years
Vince Phillips chose pro baseball over college football scholarship. He played just four seasons, no higher than AA. 
19 - John Ramos, Be Ready
John Ramos was confident he'd return after his first stint with the Yankees. He never did.
20 - Carlos Rodriguez, Extended Stay
Carlos Rodriguez tried to do his job and fill a spot in the majors in 1994. He ended up getting to stay.
21 - Jerry Rub, Tough Situation
Jerry Rub tried to get ahead of hitters at AA. He played six seasons, never made majors.
22 - Andy Skeels, Become Evident
Andy Skeels used his leadership skills in his decade as a player, and later in long career as a minor league coach and manager. 
23 - Willie Smith, Turning Point
Willie Smith lost a season to shoulder surgery. He came back to make the Cardinals.
24 - Don Sparks, Program Credit
Don Sparks was talented and personable enough to play as a pro, but not quite enough to make the majors.
25 - Greg Sparks, Pressure Situations
Greg Sparks liked pressure situations. He faced them in 12 pro seasons, but never in the majors. 
26 - Don Stanford, Setup Man
Don Stanford was encouraged as the Yankees seemed to be using their own prospects. Stanford, though, would never be used. 
27 - Wade Taylor, Showed Confidence
Wade Taylor showed confidence in starting 22 games for the Yankees in 1991. He never played in another major league game. 
28 - Ricky Torres, Long Reliever
Ricky Torres shut them down in a AA start. He never made the majors.
29 - Tim Weston, Professional Manner
Tim Weston's college trainer sparked Weston's training career.
30 - Bernie Williams, Fans Know
The White Sox wanted prospect Bernie Williams in 1990. The Yankees said no. 
31 - Bob Zeihen, Took Advantage
Bob Zeihen helped Albany take advantage of a break in 1990. He played just three seasons, never got himself to the bigs.

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