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Saturday, October 10, 2015

1990 Oneonta Yankees, New York: Baseball Profiles

Damaschke Field in Oneonta, NY, in 2009. Damaschke was home to the 1990 Oneonta Yankees. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 Oneonta Yankees, short-season affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Oneonta Yankees (28)
Jovino Carvajal 1990 Oneonta Yankees card
1 - Jovino Carvajal played decade, ran with hall of famer
2 - Bob Deller, Fielder's Choice
Bob Deller once knocked in Jorge Posada on a fielder's choice.
3 - Doug Demetre, Talked Up
Doug Demetre talked up his college pitcher. He got 20 pro games.
4 - Ken Dominguez, Changed Goal
Ken Dominguez' goals changed from titles to developing players.
5 - Matt Dunbar, Fifth Game
Matt Dunbar made the Marlins in 1995 but his stay was brief.
6 - Robert Eenhoorn, Over There
Robert Eenhoorn made the bigs from the Netherlands.
7 - Ron Frazier, Big Game
Ron Frazier wanted the ball in big games. He never made the big leagues.
8 - Luis Gallardo, Three Hits
Luis Gallardo got three hits in a high-A game. He played five minor league seasons.
Oneonta Yankees 1990 checklist card
9 - Mike Hankins, Having Fun
Mike Hankins had fun in independent ball. He made AA, but not the bigs.
10 - Trey Hillman, Adapt and Adjust
Trey Hillman managed with the Royals and in Japan.
11 - Darren Hodges, His Own
Darren Hodges came into his own at AA in 1993. He never made the bigs.
12 - Kevin Jordan, Positive Attitude
Kevin Jordan wasn't a home run hitter, but he hit a big one in 1996.
13 - Rick Lantrip, That Class
Rick Lantrip turned down a high-pick out of high school. He played three pro seasons.
14 - Jalal Leach, Passion For
Jalal Leach motivated himself. He made the bigs in his 12th pro season.
15 - Adin Lohry, Easy Choice
The Yankees made Adin Lohry's choice an easy one.
16 - Todd Malone, Pitching Award
Todd Malone won Yankees minor league pitcher of the year honors in 1988. He never made AA.
17 - Sam Militello, Good Start
Sam Millitello knew success was measured over the long haul.
18 - Brian Milner, Top Start
Brian Milner made the bigs immediately. He never got back.
19 - Pat Morphy, Spot Starter
Pat Morphy served as a reliever and as a spot starter in three minor league seasons.
20 - Kirt Ojala, Next Time
Kirt Ojala mastered Mark McGwire, not Barry Bonds.
21 - Cesar Perez, Ninth Inning
Cesar Perez helped close out a win for Greensboro in 1991.
22 - Stevie Perry, Fell Short
Stevie Perry made the pros, but he fell short of single-A.
23 - Rafael Quirico, Something Big
Rafael Quirico threw a minor league no-hitter. He played one game in the bigs.
24 - Scott Romano, Hit 'em
Scott Romano hit 'em in 11 pro seasons, not in the bigs.
25 - Mark Shiflett played, coached decade
26 - Bo Siberz, New Day
Bo Siberz changed his approach but it was too late.
27 - Ricky Strickland, One-Hopper
Ricky Strickland stared strong in a 1991 game. He played four pro seasons.
28 - Brian Turner, His Best
Brian Turner played seven pro seasons. He never became a prospect.

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