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Thursday, March 17, 2022

1990 Vero Beach Dodgers player profiles, high-A Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate

Eric Boddie 1990 Vero Beach Dodgers card

Features on each member of the 1990 Vero Beach Dodgers, high-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as included in that year's team set. 

Vero Beach Dodgers (32)
  1. Joe Alvarez played and coached for more than four decades, including coaching in Korea, 2/26/22
  2. Jorge Alvarez loved baseball and contributed over nearly quarter century; Made AA, 2/23/22
  3. Pedro Astacio opened eyes in early Dodgers starts; Kept them open over 15 ML seasons, 1/29/22
  4. Tony Barron looked for his opportunity; Got it with Expos and Phillies over two seasons, 3/14/22
  5. Bill Bene proved inconsistent, both before and after first-round selection; Made AAA, 3/12/22
  6. Cam Biberdorf picked up team saves record at high-A; Saw four seasons, made AA, 2/14/22
  7. Eric Boddie worked to show he could play; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 1/28/22
  8. Ray Calhoun worked to throw strikes over four pro seasons; Made AA, 3/15/22
  9. Anthony Collier improved his concentration at Vero Beach; Saw six pro seasons, made AA, 2/17/22
  10. Edwin Correa made majors at 19, bigs career ended on shoulder injury at 21, 2/11/22
  11. Javier De La Hoya waited years to make AAA; Saw minors, Taiwan, Mexico, not bigs, 2/27/22
  12. Dino Ebel didn't make it as a player, but has as a coach; Coached in bigs for decade-plus, 3/13/22
  13. Bob Fletcher returned from elbow injury that cost a season' Saw three pro campaigns, made high-A, 2/20/22
  14. Freddy Gonzalez showed patience at high-A; Saw five seasons, made AA, 3/5/22
  15. Pete Gonzalez believed he'd make bigs in five years; Saw eight pro seasons, made AAA, 2/13/22
  16. Marc Griffin used his skills in the minors over six seasons; Later as a broadcaster, 3/4/22
  17. John Knapp used his arm over five pro seasons, both in field and on mound; Made high-A, 3/16/22
  18. Dennis Lewallyn worked to develop players with winning attitude; Saw decades in game as player, coach, 2/27/22
  19. Alan Lewis worked to hit them where they weren't over seven pro seasons; Made AA, 2/15/22
  20. Scott Marabell provided early power at short-season; Saw five campaigns, made AA, 2/25/22
  21. Media Arts Group brought together four companies; In 1990, the group sponsored a baseball card set, 2/22/22
  22. Robin Nina took a no-hitter late to open 1989; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 3/6/22
  23. Tim Patrick had a rough start at Yakima; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 1/30/22
  24. Pedro Perez provided ninth-inning stop for Yakima; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 3/6/22
  25. Rex Peters went to college, didn't regret it; Saw three pro seasons, then turned college coach, 3/2/22
  26. Mike Piazza hit a lot of home runs in his Hall of Fame career, including one legendary shot, 2/5/22
  27. Ramon Taveras threw well at short-season; Saw four seasons, made AA, 2/21/22
  28. Jeff Vanzytveld had a major league sinker; Injury ended career at AA, 2/3/22
  29. Bill Wengert improved at high-A Vero Beach; Saw eight pro seasons, made AAA, 2/12/22
  30. Matt Wilson assessed players as a Dodgers trainer in the minors and bigs, later in college, 3/8/22
  31. Mike Wismer played multiple positions in high school; Hit in pros over two seasons, made high-A, 2/8/22
  32. Eric Young went put and proved he was an All-Star caliber player; Saw 15 ML seasons, 2/1/22

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