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Sunday, December 28, 2014

1990 Williamsport Bills

Features on each member of the 1990 Williamsport Bills, AA affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

Interview (3)
1 - Jim Blueberg, So Thankful
Jim Blueberg learned never to let anyone tell him he wasn't good enough.
2 - Dave Brundage, Lessons Learned
Dave Brundage learned lessons as a player. He's now teaching them as a minors manager.
3 - Chris Howard, As Motivation
Chris Howard took pride in being a 41st-round pick and making the bigs quickly.

Williamsport Bills (27)
1 - Jim Blueberg, Late Bloomer
Jim Blueberg didn't grow until college. Then caught eye of the Mariners. He never made the bigs.
2 - Jim Bowie, Swing the Bat

The 1994 strike helped cut Jim Bowie's major league career to just six games. 
3 - Dave Brundage, Best Moment
Dave Brundage had his best moment as a manager sending a player to the bigs. Hasn't made it himself.
4 - Bobby Cuellar, What Happens
Bobby Cuellar allowed his pitchers a chance to fail, and succeed.
5 - Troy Evers, Quality Game

Troy Evers pitched a quality game at Fort Lauderdale. He played seven seasons, but not in the bigs.
6 - Fernando Figueroa, Third Save
Fernando Figueroa picked up his third save of 1990. He played eight seasons, but not in the bigs. 
7 - Mike Gardiner, Felt Capable
Mike Gardiner felt he was capable of playing in the bigs. He did so in six seasons.
8 - Mike Goff, Concentrate On

Mike Goff had experience as a reliever. He never made the majors.
9 - Ruben Gonzalez, Enjoyed Himself

Ruben Gonzalez got stuck behind others in the Mariners system. He then got hurt.
10 - Lee Hancock, Offensive Lineman
Lee Hancock knew if he did his job, nobody would know he'd been there.
11 - Chuck Hensley, Good Move

Chuck Hensley changed agents, then he made the majors.
12 - Jeff Hooper, Brief Chance
Jeff Hooper wanted to play pro ball and that's what he did. He played four seasons. 
13 - Chris Howard, Chosen Sport
Chris Howard got a college football scholarship to play his chosen sport of baseball.
14 - Bryan King, Could Compete

Bryan King was the shortest guy on his college team. He realized he could play with anyone.
15 - Dru Kosco, Improved Everyday

Dru Kosco felt he was improving every day. He never improved enough for the bigs.
16 - Shane Letterio, Felt Confident

Shane Letterio remained optimistic despite frustrations. He never made the bigs.
17 - Mark Merchant, Pretty Calm 
Mark Merchant waited for a pro career his entire life. He played 12 seasons, but not in the bigs.
18 - Mike McDonald, Game Winner

Mike McDonald hit a game-winning home run at AA in 1993. He never made the bigs. 
19 - Rich Morales, Full Potential
Rich Morales always had confidence in his ability. He later became a coach. 
20- Jeff Nelson, Good One
Jeff Nelson didn't feel he belonged in AAA. He was in the majors in 15 seasons. 
21 - Ken Pennington, Another Prospect
Ken Pennington was looked at as the Mariners third baseman of the future. He never made AAA.
22 - Mark Razook, Legion Ball
Mark Razook's legion play got him a college scholarship. He played three seasons as a pro.
23 - Dana Ridenour, Comparable To
Dana Ridenour had a good forkball. He played nine seasons, but not in the bigs.
24 - Ricky Rojas, Bore Down

Ricky Rojas kept his composure in high school. He played in the pros over eight seasons, but not in the majors.
25 - Chris Verna, Big Thrill
Chris Verna looked forward to career as baseball trainer. Still works as trainer in Florida.
26 - Ted Williams, Steal Bases
This Ted Williams stole bases. He also never made the majors. 
27 - Mark Wooden, Came Through
Mark Wooden came through for his college team. He played five seasons as a pro.

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