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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Rochester Red Wings player profiles, AAA Baltimore Orioles affiliate

on each member of the 1990 Rochester Red Wings, AAA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interviews (2)
1 - Vickie Biagini: Greg Biagini got the call he waited 20 years for and he was out in the yard.
2 - Leo Gomez: Leo Gomez learned as a player to come with a good attitude.

Rochester Red Wings (40)
1 - Jay Aldrich: Jay Aldrich was happy with his major league debut, except for one pitch. He played in three major league seasons.
2 - Jose Bautista: In the middle of a bad season in 1988, Jose Bautista threw a veritable gem.
3 - Eric Bell: Eric Bell was nervous for first major league start. He got in six major league seasons.
4 - Juan Bell: Juan Bell wasn't rushed by the Orioles. He played in seven major league seasons.
5 - Greg Biagini: Greg Biagini paid his dues, became Orioles coach after a long career in minors. He passed away in 2003.
6 - Paul Blair: Paul Blair enjoyed working with college players as coach, after a 17-year major league career.
7 - Danny Boone: Danny Boone overcame obstacles, then returned to the majors eight years after his last major league pitch.
8 - Dick Bosman: Dick Bosman helped young pitchers through early problems, after long playing career.
9 - Marty Brown earned title 'hard-nosed' as he made bigs, Japan; Later managed, started own academy
10 - Tony Chance: Tony Chance had raw talent, but he couldn't break through. He played 20 seasons as a pro, but never made the bigs.
11 - Francisco de la Rosa provided ML bullpen relief, saw two career ML appearances; Passed in 2011 
12 - Tim Dulin: Tim Dulin's playing career lasted seven seasons. He didn't make majors. He now has his own baseball school in Memphis.
13 - Leo Gomez: Leo Gomez got his opportunity with the Orioles and he made the most of it, playing seven seasons.
14  - Vic Hithe: Victor Hithe believed in high school he'd be playing at Dodger Stadium. He played ball seven years, never made the majors.
15 - Chris Hoiles: A competition for a 1991 starting job only made Chris Hoiles want to work harder. He worked for 10 major league seasons.
18 - Mike Jones: Mike Jones came back from a serious car accident, a broken neck, to return to majors.
21 - Ben McDonald: Ben McDonald had high expectations put on him that he could never fulfill. He still played in nine major league seasons.
22 - Jeff McKnight: Jeff McKnight played his game, hoped it was good enough for another call. It was. He played in six major league seasons.
24 - Joel McKeon showed his abilities at AAA, then made bigs; Saw two ML seasons
25 - Darrell Miller: Darrell Miller has been known by several names, ones he's earned and ones attached to famous siblings.
26 - John Mitchell: John Mitchell survived 22 hours in the water. His teammate didn't. Mitchell came back to make the majors.
27 - Mike Mussina first chose college over the pros, then turned great pitcher, made Hall of Fame
28 - Donell Nixon: Donell Nixon appeared to be running straight to the majors, then he ran into a wall - literally.
29 - Chris Padget: Chris Padget started playing baseball at age 6. He stayed with the game for four decades, then left.
33 - (Texas) Mike Smith: Texas Mike Smith had a long debut outing, the type rookies don't want to have.
34 - Pete Stanicek: Pete Stanicek was tough enough, but he was just hurt. His major league career, though, was also over. (Continue)
35 - Jeff Tackett played well in front of family with Orioles; Made four ML seasons
36 - Shane Turner: Shane Turner had mixed emotions on his return to AA. He soon made the bigs.
37 - Greg Walker: Greg Walker had much go wrong. But he had much go right, too.
38 - Mickey Weston: Mickey Weston knew his chances were scarce. When he got one, he tried to do his best. It didn't always work out.
39 - Jeff Wood: Jeff Wood wanted to get into baseball, but he couldn't play. So he became a trainer.
40 - Rob Woodward: Rob Woodward was told by Tom Seaver he'd return to the Red Sox. He did, and played in four major league seasons.

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