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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1990 Toledo Mud Hens player profiles, AAA Detroit Tigers

Scott Aldred 1990 Toledo Mud Hens card

Features on each member of the 1990 Toledo Mud Hens, AAA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. Players are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interviews (4)
1 - Dennis Burtt, Got There
In his major league debut, Dennis Burtt fought to remain still
2 - Phil Clark, That Opportunity
Phil Clark got his opportunity to hit in the majors and he felt like he belonged.
3 - Tom Gamboa, Accomplished Something
A Southern California native, it didn't sink in for Tom Gamboa that he was in the majors until his team visited Dodger Stadium.
4 - Steve McInerney, Side of Caution
Steve McInerney served more than a decade in the minors as a trainer. He later became a high school athletic director near Chicago.

Toledo Mud Hens (27)
Steve McInerney 1990 Toledo Mud Hens card
1 - Scott Aldred returned from injury to continue bigs career
2 - Dennis Burtt got his chances in majors over two seasons, played 16
3 - Phil Clark's bat took him to majors over five seasons
4 - Milt Cuyler, Ran Into
Milt Cuyler ran into third in 1991 Rookie of the Year vote. He played in eight major league seasons.
5 - Dean Decillis, Being Drafted
Dean Decillis saw being drafted as a dream. He played eight seasons as a pro, but never made the other dream, the bigs.
6 - Lavel Freeman, Tough Decision
Lavel Freeman wanted to contribute to the Brewers in any way he could. He did for just two games, the extent of his major league career.
7 - Travis Fryman, Blue Collar
Travis Fryman had strength and fast hands, enough for 13 seasons in the majors.
8 - Tom Gamboa, On The Field
Tom Gamboa was happiest on the field. He was there as a manager and a coach. He was also on the field in 2002 with the Royals.
9 - Shawn Hare, Big Year
Shawn Hare tried to put up big numbers in his 1994 to return to the majors.
10 - Shawn Holman, Warm Feeling
Shawn Holman debuted with the Tigers in his eighth pro season. He got just five games.
11 - Jeff Jones, Basic Things
Jeff Jones worked with many pitchers in his two decades as a coach, including in the majors with the Tigers.
12 - Matt Kinzer, Last Chance
Matt Kinzer played for both the baseball Tigers and the football Lions. He played in the majors for nine games.
1990 Toledo Mud Hens checklist card
13 - Jim Lindeman, Hoped For
Jim Lindeman was in the right place for the Cardinals. By 1990, he was still looking for a regular major league place.
14 - Scott Livingstone, Would Hit
Scott Livingstone was ecstatic about his 1994 move to the Padres. He played in eight major league seasons.
15 - Torey Lovullo knew the need to be consistent, as player and as manager
16 - Scott Lusader, Took It
Scott Lusader dreamed about hitting a home run in a big game. He then did it.
17 - Steve McInerney, Athletic Director
Steve McInerney started as a minor league trainer, later became a high school athletic director.
18 - Domingo Michel, Dodger Relative
Domingo Michel followed his cousin Pedro Guerrero into pro ball. He couldn't follow him to the majors.
19 - Randy Nosek, Needed Confidence
Randy Nosek did well in his first major league start. His second was a nightmare.
20 - Phil Ouellette, Two Home Runs
Phil Ouellette hit 52 home runs in a decade as a pro. On one night in 1990, he hit two. He got 10 games in the bigs.
21 - Jose Ramos, Big Positive
Jose Ramos' first save at AAA was a big positive. He never got the chance to save a game in the majors.
22 - Kevin Ritz, Strong Kid
Kevin Ritz was a strong pitcher who played in nine major league seasons.
23 - Aurelio Rodriguez, Super Fielder
Aurelio Rodriguez played 17 seasons for the Tigers and Yankees. He died in an accident at the age of 52.
24 - Mike Schwabe, Big Pitch
Mike Schwabe's family rushed to see his first major league start. He only had three more.
25 - Steve Searcy, Positive Attitude
Steve Searcy believed he would make the Orioles in 1993. He didn't make it, but did play in five major league seasons.
26 - Eric Stone, Locked Down
Eric Stone helped the Tigers in spring 1990. He never could help a major league team in the regular season.
27 - Don Vesling, Too Fine
Don Vesling did well enough in 1989 to stick in AAA for another year. He didn't do well enough to make the Tigers.

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