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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1990 Southern Oregon Athletics player profiles, Oakland

Eric Booker 1990 Southern Oregon Athletics card

Features on each member of the 1990 Southern Oregon Athletics, short-season affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

1990 Southern Oregon Athletics (33)
Eric Booker 1990 Southern Oregon Athletics card
1 - Eric Booker saw five pro seasons, made AA with Athletics
2 - Brad Brimhall played in minors to make majors, made high-A
3 - Scott Budner played, then helped others to majors as coach
4 - Jeff Clifford played single season, in Athletics system
5 - Craig Connolly, Good Pitches
Craig Connolly had a top year Penn in 1990. He played four seasons as a pro.
6 - Mark Craft, Stolen Pass
Mark Craft helped seal a VMI win with a stolen pass. He played one pro season in baseball.
7 - Kevin Dattola, Team Builder
Kevin Dattola became a team builder in independent ball.
8 - Jim Dillon, That Opportunity
Jim Dillon stayed in college and improved his draft spot. He played three pro seasons.
9 - Kirk Dressendorfer, Different Life
Kirk Dressendorfer made the majors quickly, then injuries came. Never made it back.
10 - Grady Fuson, Hung In
Grady Fuson hung in there and has had long career as manager, scout and assistant general manager.
11 - Chaon Garland, Final Level
Chaon Garland gained confidence in the pros. He played four seasons, never made the bigs.
12 - Chris Hart, Good One
Chris Hart helped future major leaguer Derek Lowe have a bad outing. He never made the bigs himself.
Southern Oregon Athletics 1990 Checklist card
13 - Eric Helfand, Shut Down
Eric Helfand had a great throwing arm in high school. It took him to the majors.
14 - Scott Henry, All-Conference
Scott Henry made his college's all-conference team.
15 - Doug Johns, Pitch Variety
Doug Johns showed pitch variety in his first major league win.

16 - Luis Lanfranco, That Play
Luis Lanfranco made the play of the game in a 1991 contest. Played three seasons.
17 - Manny Martinez, Wasn't Nervous
Manny Martinez wasn't nervous upon his return to the bigs. He then had his two best seasons.
18 - Rafael Mercado, Felt Comfortable
Rafael Mercado worked hard in independent ball and felt comfortable. He never made AA.
19 - Mike Muhlethaler, Loosey-Goosey
Mike Muhlethaler called on his old coach to help him turn pro. He played a single season.
20 - Eric Myers, Molder of People
Eric Myers was a molder of people as a college coach. He passed away in 2007 from a brain tumor.
21 - Glenn Osinski, Fifth Inning
Glenn Osinski helped his Modesto team to a win. He played two pro seasons.
22 - Don Peters, Didn't Complain
Don Peters got selected by the Athletics and he couldn't complain.
23 - Bill Picketts, His Future
Bill Picketts saw his future as a utility guy. He played just three seasons.
24 - Todd Revenig, Did Claim
Todd Revenig made it to the bigs when others didn't. He then didn't give up a run.
25 - Carlos Salazar, Triple Crown
Carlos Salazar won his district triple crown in college. He played four seasons as a pro.
26 - Curtis Shaw, Walk On
Curtis Shaw arrived at Kansas as a walk-on. He left as the 36th pick overall. 
27 - Glenn Sudbury, Good Location
Glenn Sudbury threw a no-hitter at Utah. He played four seasons as a pro, never made bigs.
28 - Carlos Tamarez, Perfect Bunt
Carlos Tamarez put down a perfect bunt in a 1990 game. He played just two seasons as a pro.
29 - Dave Tripp, Concentrated On
Dave Tripp settled down after he started concentrating. He played a single season as a pro.
30 - Todd Van Poppel, Kept Playing
Todd Van Poppel's career wasn't as everyone had hoped. But he still had a long one.
31 - Dan Vizzini, Good Year
Dan Vizzini had a good year in college in 1990. He played just two seasons as a pro.
32 - Ernie Young, Most Successful
Ernie Young won the Athletics leadoff spot in 1996. He played in eight major league seasons.
33 - Dave Zancanaro, His Goal
Dave Zancanaro's career began with high hopes. Then injuries happened.

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