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Friday, May 3, 2013

1990 Geneva Cubs

McDonough Park in Geneva, NY, in 2014. McDonough was home to the 1990 Geneva Cubs. (G21D Photo)
Features on each member of the 1990 Geneva Cubs, short-season affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Interview (1)
1 - Tim Delgado, A Bit Stubborn
Tim Delgado spent decade as a pro, extended his career in Asia and winter ball. Took career in own hands.

Geneva Cubs (28)
1 - Luis Benitez, Heard Little
Luis Benitez was another player in the Palmeiro-Moyer deal. Few ever heard of Benitez.
2 - Troy Bradford, Fast Start
Troy Bradford went on a roll from college to the pros. He couldn't keep the fast start going. He never made the bigs.
3 - Victor Cancel, Walk Worked
Victor Cancel worked a walk in a 1991 contest. It was one of his last. He played four seasons, but he never made the bigs.
4 - Stephen Coffey, Rewarding Work
Stephen Coffey played two seasons as a pro, later turned to 'rewarding work' of coaching youth.
5 - Amilcar Correa, Couldn't Stop
Amilcar Correa pitched in four pro seasons, he never made it higher than high-A.
6 - Phil Dauphin, Plugged Away
Phil Dauphin's goal was the bigs, but he knew he needed to work to get there. In seven seasons, he never made it.
7 - Tim Delgado, Good Ballgame
Tim Delgado pitched a good ballgame at AA. He played in four pro seasons, but never in the bigs.
8 - John DeRicco, Time Off
John DeRicco got much time off in his last year of college. He still got drafted by the Cubs, but played a single season.
9 - German Diaz, Position Switch
German Diaz switched positions, hoping he could get further as a pitcher. It didn't work. He never made the bigs.
10 - Lance Dickson, Called Up
Former Cubs top pick Lance Dickson didn't expect a call up to be handed to him. He got it, then didn't get another. 
11 - Brad Erdman, Kept Playing
If Brad Erdman didn't have his dream, he told a paper, he wouldn't have played so long. He never played in the bigs
12 - Charlie Fiacco, Good Shape
Charlie Fiacco felt he was ready to go pro after his return from a college injury. He played just a single season.
13 - Andy Hartung, Far Enough
Andy Hartung made it to AA, knew he wasn't far away. He ended up being far enough. He never made the bigs.
14 - Bill Hayes, Frustrating Part
Bill Hayes has been around long enough to know what's frustrating. He's now with the Giants as a bullpen catcher.
15 - Jessie Hollins, Gentle Giant
Jessie Hollins was among the hottest pitchers until an injury. He played just four major league games. He died in a 2009 fishing accident.
16 - Joe Housey, Good Command
Joe Housey went from being a player to a coach and later to being a scout.
17 - Brad Huff, Fourth Round
Brad Huff was good enough for a fourth-round selection. He couldn't turn that into a long career. He never made the bigs.
18 - Greg Kessler, Good Innings
Greg Kessler took extra time in college after his draft selection. The extra time didn't translate to a long pro career.
19 - Ricardo Medina, Right Pitch
Ricardo Medina played in six seasons as a pro, but never in the bigs. He later helped others make the bigs as a minor league coach.
20 - Tim Parker, That Chance
Tim Parker's selection by the Cubs was a dream come true. He couldn't turn that dream into long pro career. He never made the bigs.
21 - Bill Paynter, Head Start
Bill Paynter tried to get a head start on the 1990 season. It didn't seem to work. That season was his last.
22 - Joe Porcelli, Bad Start
The Cubs saw enough of Joe Porcelli to take him in 15th round. He couldn't turn that into a long career.
23 - Gabby Rodriguez, Exhibition Game
Gabby Rodriguez got exhibition win at AAA, never made regular game there.
24 - Roberto Smalls, His Message
Roberto Smalls went from being a high Cubs draft pick to serving life in prison for a 1994 murder.
25 - Karl Stanley, Pitched Well
He pitched well in college,  played four pro seasons.
26 - Paul Torres, Play Wherever
Paul Torres just wanted the right glove and he'd play wherever. He never played in the bigs.
27 - Clinton White, Multi-Sport
Clinton White was a multi-sport star in high school. He chose baseball. He's now working with young athletes.
28 - Mike Young, Strike Out
Mike Young couldn't match his college strikeout totals. He lasted just two seasons as a pro, and never made the bigs.

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