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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1990 London Tigers player profiles, AA Detroit affiliate

David Haas 1990 London Tigers card

Features on each member of the 1990 London Tigers, AA affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

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Interview (2)
1 - Mike Lumley, Little Details
Mike Lumley went from a pro tryout to college and then to the pros. He played six seasons in the minors.
2 - John Toale, Promise to Parents
John Toale promised his parents he'd finish his degree. He did. But he never made the majors.

1990 London Tigers (21)
Tom Aldrich 1990 London Tigers card
1 - Tom Aldrich saw three pro seasons, made AAA with Tigers
2 - Chris Alvarez played 9 seasons, hit AAA with Yankees, Tigers
3 - Arnie Beyeler made majors after quarter century, as coach
4 - Rico Brogna saw 9 ML seasons, felt he belonged with Mets
5 - Basilio Cabrera saw 7 seasons, then helped hitters as coach
6 - Lou Frazier, Pitcher Watching
Lou Frazier knew he could steal bases. He just needed the opportunities.
7 - Luis Galindo, Three Hits
Luis Galindo had three hits in a 1989 game, played five seasons as pro. He never made the bigs.
8 - Steve Green, Four Hits
Steve Green played well one night for AA London. He played in six seasons, never made the bigs.
London Tigers 1990 checklist card9 - David Haas made bigs over three seasons, each with Tigers, 10/12/13
10 - Riccardo Ingram, His Will
Riccardo Ingram knew the odds didn't mean much. He made the bigs, then survived cancer.
11 - John Kiely, Some Innings
John Keily helped the Tigers with his sinker in 1992. He played in three major league seasons.
12 - Tim Leiper, Long Wait
Tim Leiper had a long wait in the minors with the Tigers, never made majors. For 2013, he was an adviser with the Blue Jays.
13 - Mike Lumley, Hometown Player
Mike Lumley pitched for his hometown team in London, Ont. He never got to pitch in the majors.
14 - Rusty Meacham, Not Afraid
Rusty Meacham showed by the way he pitched that he wasn't afraid of anyone.
15 - Steve Pegues, Raw Talent
For one night in 1995, Steve Pegues was a home run hitter.
16 - Dave Richards, More Aggressive
Dave Richards tried being more aggressive, then extended career in independent ball.
17 - Ron Rightnowar, Ever Leave
Ron Rightnowar finally made the majors, but it wasn't the experience he thought it would be.
18 - Rich Rowland started logging, then turned to baseball, bigs
19 - John Toale, Played Professionally
John Toale knew not making the majors didn't mean he was a bad player. He played professionally.
20 - Mike Wilkins, Every Time
Mike Wilkins almost threw a no-hitter for AA London. He never got the chance to in the majors.
21 - Ken Williams, Complete Game
Ken Williams got a complete game at single-A, never got to try in the majors.

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