Sunday, April 26, 2015

1990 Greenville Braves

Features on each member of the 1990 Greenville Braves, AA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.

Greenville Braves (30)
1 - Buddy Bailey, One More
Buddy Bailey knows the importance of winning close games.
2 - Kevin Batiste, His Maturity
Kevin Batiste returned to the minors - and he got arrested.
3 - Mike Bell, New Opportunity
Mike Bell made the Braves over two seasons. He didn't get back.
4 - Brian Boltz, New Grip
Brian Boltz' career was cut short by injury.
5 - Rich Casarotti, Stalemate Broken
Rich Casarotti helped break a AAA stalemate. He never made bigs.
6 - Brian Champion, Own Ability
Brian Champion used his own ability to play six seasons as a pro.
7 - Maximo Del Rosario, Crazy Sidewinder
Maximo Del Rosario was once called a crazy sidewinder.
8 - Pat Gomez, Did Whatever
Pat Gomez did what his manager needed over three major league seasons.
9 - Terry Harper, Playing Time
Terry Harper just needed some playing time.
10 - Randy Ingle, Two Positions
Randy Ingle believed in being aggressive in a long career.
11 - Judd Johnson, Pumped Up
Judd Johnson was pumped up in college, played eight pro seasons, not in bigs.
12 - Lee Johnson, Pitched Well
Lee Johnson pitched well in a high-A game in 1990. He never made AAA.
13 - John Kilner, More Consistent
John Kilner knew he needed to be more consistent. He never made the bigs.
14 - Rich Maloney, Coaching Career 
Rich Maloney's coaches inspired him to be the coach he became.
15 - Kelly Mann, Defensive Catcher
Kelly Mann showed his defense, but he couldn't quite show off his bat.
16 - Al Martin, Leadership Skills
Al Martin used his leadership skills over 11 major league seasons.
17 - Rick Morris, Good Hack
Rick Morris hit it pretty good in college. Played 6 pro seasons.
18 - Rolando Pino, Show Them
Rolando Pino showed them as a minors manager, learned it as a player.
19 - David Plumb, Hot Hitter
David Plumb knocked the cover off ball at single-A, never made bigs.
20 - Tom Redington, Next Year
Tom Redington's bat was supposed to carry him. He never made the bigs.
21 - Ben Rivera, His Best
Ben Rivera went out and did his best against anyone.
22 - Rico Rossy, His Job
Rico Rossy understood his job in four ML seasons.
23 - Bill Slack, Good Teacher
John Smoltz once called Bill Slack a good teacher.
24 - Doug Stockham, Good Crowds
Doug Stockham played for the 1988 Durham Bulls.
25 - Andy Tomberlin, His Position
Andy Tomberlin changed positions to make the majors.
26 - Matt Turner, Terrible Call
Matt Turner saw one terrible call on the field, then one off it.
27 - Lee Upshaw, Player's Reality
Lee Upshaw knew a player's greatest fear: To be released
28 - Preston Watson, Good Slider
Preston Watson had a good slider. Played five seasons, not in bigs.
29 - Danny Weems, Enough Work
Danny Weems had a heckuva' arm in high school. He played six seasons, made AA.
30 - Turk Wendell, The Numbers, 4/23/15
Turk Wendell put up numbers over 11 major league seasons.

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