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Thursday, November 19, 2020

1990 Wichita Wranglers - AA affiliate of the San Diego Padres

Features on each member of the 1990 Wichita Wranglers, AA affiliate of the San Diego Padres, as included in that year's team set.

Wichita Wranglers (28)
  1. Andy Benes became top pick, made the Olympics, then made bigs over 14 seasons; Had to pinch himself, 11/18/20
  2. Ricky Bones used luck and opportunity over his 11-season major league career; Now ML coach, 3/28/20
  3. Doug Brocail went from long shot to six more ML campaigns; Saw 15 total, later coached, 11/15/20
  4. Rafael Chaves cried when he made bigs as coach; Spent 12 seasons as player, made AA, 11/7/20
  5. Brian Cisarik hit well for Texas in college; Played five pro seasons, made AA, 11/3/20
  6. Cookie the Wichita Wranglers mascot could have been played by any staff member; Replaced by horse, 11/1/20
  7. Greg David learned realities of the pros over eight seasons; Made AA, not bigs, 4/2/20
  8. Todd Hansen knew he had to pitch well in 1987 start; Saw pros over seven seasons, made AA, 10/20/20
  9. Jeremy Hernandez moved from starting to relief and then made the bigs over five seasons, 3/30/20
  10. Charlie Hillemann made AAA, later decided to quit baseball, go home and be a dad, 11/2/20
  11. Rich Holsman liked to play the game, did so over five seasons; Made AA, 10/30/20
  12. Mike Humphreys knew spring numbers didn't matter, season numbers did; Saw time in three ML campaigns, 4/4/20
  13. Lonnie Keeter did a lot of positive talking over his career, from playing to coaching to English class, 11/17/20
  14. Dean Kelley played baseball 'every daggum day' of his life, loved it; Made AAA, 11/6/20
  15. Steve Loubier got his foot in the pro door; Stayed five seasons, made AA, 10/28/20
  16. Steve Lubratich had the capabilities to manage; Made bigs as player, later became assistant GM, 11/12/20
  17. Bob Lutticken tried to make the best of his playing time; Saw six seasons, made AA, 11/13/20
  18. Pedro Martinez - the other one - made the bigs in 1993, was happy to be there; Saw five ML campaigns, 11/17/20
  19. Jon Matlack completed what he started over 13 ML seasons, later turned coach, 10/26/20
  20. Tim McWilliam knew the importance of scouts in college, later became one himself; Briefly made AAA, 11/16/20
  21. Craig Repoz used his talent over six pro seasons, made AA; Dad and brother also played, 11/4/20
  22. A.J. Sager started in football, then turned to baseball; Made bigs over five seasons, 10/31/20
  23. Will Taylor turned switch-hitter, saw eight pro seasons; Eighth came nine years after last, 10/24/20
  24. Jose Valentin started his pro career strong, then saw time in 16 major league seasons, 10/25/20
  25. Guillermo Velasquez got his shot at first for the Padres in 1993; Saw two ML seasons, 11/19/20
  26. Juan Villanueva wanted to play baseball, did so over seven seasons; Made AA, 10/20/20
  27. Dan Walters made bigs, then turned to policing; Later was shot aiding another officer, has since passed, 10/23/20
  28. Brian Wood spotted his fastball, played nine pro seasons; Made AAA, not bigs, 11/9/20

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