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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1990 Huntington Cubs player profiles, Chicago Cubs affiliate

Mike Gabbani 1990 Huntington Cubs card

Features on each member of the 1990 Huntington Cubs, as included in that year's team set, plus two interviews.

Interviews (2)
1 - Ken Krahenbuhl: Ken Krahenbuhl was made famous by catfish trade, then perfect game. It was a wonder he still pitched after injuries. (Continue)
2 - Jason Sehorn: Before he played 10 seasons in the NFL, Jason Sehorn played a season in minor league baseball. (Continue)

1990 Huntington Cubs (31)
Huntington Cubs 1990 checklist card 1 - Miguel Camarena played baseball since age 5, saw 2 seasons
2 - Sean Cheetham: Sean Cheetham did well enough at Huntington to get promotion by year's end. His career lasted just two more seasons. (Continue)
3 - Morris Craig: Morris Craig had specific goals going into rookie ball. He never his made biggest goal, making the majors. (Continue)
4 - Pablo Delgado: Pablo Delgado came to the Cubs from the Rangers in the Palmeiro-Moyer deal. He never made it to AA. (Continue)
5 - Rolando Fernandez: Rolando Fernandez doesn't scout just for the money. He does it because he loves baseball. (Continue)
6 - Calvin Ford: Calvin Ford ended a 1990 rookie league game with his arm. His career ended the next year, after just two seasons. (Continue)
7 - Mike Gabbani played hard over four pro seasons, made high-A
8 - Scott Gardner: Scott Gardner played in seven pro seasons, had a hand in a minors no-hitter, never made the bigs (Continue)
9 - Willie Gardner: Willie Gardner wanted his team to win and to improve his skills. He played six seasons as a pro, but never made bigs. (Continue)
10 - Tyson Godfrey: Tyson Godfrey thought he could handle the pros. He did so for four seasons, but he never made AA. (Continue)
11 - Ryan Hawblitzel: Ryan Hawblitzel did what it took to make the majors. He made it in his seventh pro season with the Rockies. (Continue)
12 - Chuck Kirk: Chuck Kirk was Mr. Reliable for a time in high-A Daytona's bullpen. He played four seasons, never made AA. (Continue)
13 - Ken Krahenbuhl: Ken Krahenbuhl was a serious pitcher. He ended up being seen as the guy traded for catfish. (Continue)
14 - Ed Larregui: Ed Larregui ran hard and hustled. He played as a pro for eight seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
15 - Mike Little: Mike Little cleared the bases at Peoria, played in five pro seasons, never made the majors. (Continue)
16 - Thomas Mann: Thomas Mann wanted to finish college and make the majors. He never made the majors. (Continue)
17 - Tim Moore: Tim Moore wasn't ready for college, so he wanted to give the pros a shot. He played three seasons, never made the bigs. (Continue)
18 - Cesar Montero: Cesar Montero's most admired player would see more major league seasons, 16, than Montero would see games as a pro, 14. (Continue)
19 - Micah Murphy: Micah Murphy helped Huntington in 1990 comeback, couldn't help himself to long career as a pro.  (Continue)
20 - J.P. Postiff: J.P. Postiff had plans to make the majors and finish his degree. In four seasons, he never made the majors. (Continue)
21 - Nelson Ramirez: Nelson Ramirez was thankful for chance at pros. His chance was brief, just three appearances. (Continue)
22 - Steve Roadcap: Steve Roadcap took skills he learned as a minors player to a long career as a minors manager. (Continue)
23 - Humberto Saa learned the game in Panama; Played two seasons
24 - Adrian Sanchez: Adrian Sanchez was determined to turn pro. He played as pro in four seasons, never made bigs. (Continue)
25 - Jason Sehorn: Before he played 10 seasons in the NFL, Jason Sehorn played a season in minor league baseball. (Continue)
26 - Rafael Soto: Rafael Soto wanted to someday play at Wrigley Field. He never made it. In four seasons, he never made AA. (Continue)
27 - Dave Stevens: Dave Stevens hoped to be put in the bullpen. He ended up there in seven major league seasons. (Continue)
28 - Aaron Taylor: Aaron Taylor finished strong for rookie Huntington in 1990. He played seven seasons, never made bigs. (Continue)
29 - Jose Viera: Jose Viera came off the bench, then hit a walk-off home run at AA. He played 10 seasons, never made the majors. (Continue)
30 - Matt Walbeck: Matt Walbeck showed he could play, did so in the majors in 11 seasons. Later became manager, instructor. (Continue)
31 - Jim Wolff: Jim Wolff worked to improve his hitting, but couldn't. He played five seasons as a pro, never made AA. (Continue)

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