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1990 Knoxville Blue Jays

The remains of Bill Meyer Stadium, home to the 1990 Knoxville Blue Jays, in 2016. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 Knoxville Blue Jays, the AA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Knoxville Blue Jays (28)
1 - Pete Blohm, Same Thing
Pete Blohm did the same thing he had been doing. He played seven pro seasons. It wasn't enough to make the bigs.
2 - J.J. Cannon, Keep Learning
J.J. Cannon coached for two decades, played for one. He made the bigs as a player in four seasons.
3 - Nate Cromwell, League Record
Nate Cromwell proved he deserved his All-Star selection at Dunedin. Played decade, never made bigs.
4 - Andy Dziadkowiec, Third Round
Andy Dziadkowiec was a Blue Jays third-rounder. He never made the bigs.
5 - Juan Guzman, Ready to Pitch
Juan Guzman came ready to pitch. He pitched the Blue Jays into the 1992 World Series.
6 - Darren Hall, If Healthy
Darren Hall came back from injuries to pitch in five big league seasons.
7 - Pat Hentgen, Big Difference
Pat Hentgen spotted his fastball, then won the 1996 AL Cy Young. He played 14 seasons as a pro.
8 - Shawn Jeter, Up Here 
Shawn Jeter tried to take what he learned at AAA to the bigs. He only got the chance in 13 games.
9 - Chris Jones, Good Company
Chris Jones found himself in good company at single-A in 1986. He never found himself in the bigs.
10 - Dennis Jones, So Well
Dennis Jones pitched well in winter ball, never made AAA.
11 - Randy Knorr, Stayed Ready
Randy Knorr stayed ready as a player. He's now keeping players ready as a bench coach for the Nationals.
12 - Bob MacDonald, Needed Confidence
Bob MacDonald gained confidence with the Tigers in 1993. He played in six major league seasons.
13 - Mike Maksudian, Those Guys
Mike Maksudian was valuable player. Partly because he ate bugs.
14 - Domingo Martinez, These Days
Domingo Martinez eventually got his opportunity - in Japan.
15 - Doug Merrifield, Great Career
Doug Merrifield had a career in athletics, just not as a player.
16 - Bernie Nunez, Make Contact
Bernie Nunez just wanted to make contact. He did so for decade as pro, but he never made the bigs.
17 - John Poloni, Nasty Stuff
John Poloni pushed the Athletics to draft Tim Hudson and his nasty stuff. He has served as scout, coach and big leaguer.
18 - Tom Quinlan, With It 
Tom Quinlan chose pro baseball over pro hockey. He made the bigs in four seasons.
19 - Chris Rauth, Pitched Aggressively
Chris Rauth pitched aggressively at St. Lucie in 1988, played eight pro seasons. 
20 - Paul Rodgers, His Game
Paul Rodgers chose pro baseball over college football. He played seven seasons as pro, but he never got higher than AA.
21 - Jimmy Rogers, Hanging Slider
Jimmy Rogers hung a slider, knew it was a major league home run. He made the bigs for 19 games.
22 - Earl Sanders, Desire to Succeed
Earl Sanders took his desire to succeed to seven seasons as a pro, but not the bigs.
23 - Jerry Schunk, His Drive
Jerry Schunk tried to keep convincing people he was legitimate. Wasn't enough to get him to bigs.
24 - John Stearns, Season Changing
John Stearns coached for nearly two decades, played in bigs in 11 seasons.
25 - William Suero, Been Tattooing
William Suero tattooed the ball with the Brewers in spring 1993. He earned another 15 games in the bigs.
26 - Woody Williams, Good Time
Woody Williams remembered his first major league call-up. It was almost a wonder.
27 - Julian Yan, Fastball Hitter
Julian Yan looked fastball for much of his 22-season career. He never got the chance to look fastball in the bigs.
28 - Eddie Zosky, Confidence Builder
Eddie Zosky built confidence in his first major league call-up. He made five major league seasons.

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