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Friday, October 4, 2013

1990 Asheville Tourists player profiles, Houston Astros

A look up the right field line toward home plate
Asheville's McCormick Field, home to the 1990 Asheville Tourists, in 2016. (Greatest 21 Days)

Features on each member of the 1990 Asheville Tourists, then the single-A affiliate of the Houston Astros.

Interview (1)
1 - Frank Cacciatore, Head Start
Frank Cacciatore had short playing career, but has had a long coaching career. For 2013, he was coaching with AA Reading.

Asheville Tourists (27)
1990 Asheville Tourists team card
1 - Rick Aponte played in minors, coached in bigs with Nationals
2 - Ed Beuerlein took work ethic to three pro seasons, made AA
3 - Frank Cacciatore took coaching chance from college to minors
4 - Craig Curtis, Bright Spot
Craig Curtis was a bright spot for the GCL Astros in 1989, but he couldn't keep it up. He played just three more seasons.
5 - Gershon Dallas, Two Doubles
Gershon Dallas helped his high-A team with two doubles in 1991 contest. He could only help himself to four seasons as a pro. 
6 - Troy Dovey played five pro seasons, later went into movies
7 - Juan Encarnacion, Produced Many
Juan Encarnacion came from baseball hot bed. Only managed three pro seasons for himself.
8 - Chris Gardner, Confidence-Builder
Chris Gardner's manager let him pitch, build confidence. He played a single month in the bigs.
9 - Ben Gonzales, Continued His
Ben Gonzales made the All-Star team at high-A in 1991. His career didn't last much longer. He never made bigs.
10 - Anthony Gutierrez, Get Worse
Anthony Gutierrez gave up big first inning in 1992. Played 6 seasons, never made AA.
11 - Dave Hajek, Made Himself
David Hajek was tagged as major league prospect. He eventually made it, though not in the best circumstances.
12 - Brett Holum, Fundamentally Sound
Brett Holum wanted his players to stay sharp, have fun playing the game. Once had fun himself, as a player.
13 - Brian Hunter, Working Quickly
Brian Hunter had a good season in 1997 with help of his family. He played a decade in the bigs.
14 - Luther Johnson, Put That
Luther Johnson had his ups and downs as a pro. He had them in four seasons, never made AA.
15 - Justin McCray, His Recommendation
Justin McCray was once given chance as a pro. He's now giving others that chance as scout. 
16 - Mike McDowell, More Fun
Mike McDowell played three seasons as a pro, later coached youth sports, took a job with the local CPS.
17 - Orlando Miller, That Far
Orlando Miller homered in his third major league game. He hit 24 over parts of four seasons. 
18 - Julio Munoz, Short Line
Julio Munoz pitched well in an early 1990 outing. He only pitched as a pro in two seasons.
19 - Francisco Perez, Mistake Inside
Francisco Perez gave up a grand slam in 1990. He played just four seasons, never made bigs.
20 - Ed Quijada, Another Transition
Ed Quijada tried to make transition to pitching. Now has made another big transition after serious car accident. 
21 - Limbert Rivas, Good Outing
Limbert Rivas pitched well in an early 1990 contest. He played in just two pro seasons.
22 - Eliezel Rosario, Started Off
Eliezel Rosario started off his pro career strong, but he couldn't keep it up. He played three seasons, never made bigs.
23 - Jose Santana, Stolen Bases
Jose Santana showed his speed right away, but he couldn't keep it up. Played just three seasons as a pro.
24 - Kevin Scott, Veteran Type
Kevin Scott hit a playoff home run in 1992, but few others. Played five pro seasons, never made the bigs. 
25 - Mark Small, Not Enough
Mark Small wanted to make the bigs. Once he got there, he wanted to get back.
26 - Donne Wall, Hungry Guy
Donne Wall was a hungry guy. Eventually took that hunger to time in eight major league seasons.
27 - Ken Wheeler, More Leeway
Ken Wheeler threw a marathon game at single-A in 1990. He played five seasons as a pro.

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