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Sunday, June 25, 2023

1990 Durham Bulls player profiles, high-A Atlanta Braves

Marcos Vasquez 1990 Durham Bulls card, Vasquez posed up close

Features on each member of the 1990 Durham Bulls, high-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves as included in that year's team set. 

Durham Bulls (33)

  1. Dave Brust saw 3 pro seasons from tryout camp, later coached
  2. Donovan Campbell knew value of work, saw four pro seasons
  3. Kevin Castleberry saw decade as pro, made AAA, Taiwan
  4. Brian Champion used ability to play 6 seasons, made AA
  5. Popeye Cole used speed over 10-season career, made AA
  6. Johnny Cuevas hit AA home run, saw 10 seasons, made AAA
  7. Brian Cummings pitched well at Durham, saw 4 seasons
  8. Steve Curry threw everything into decade-long career
  9. Chris Czarnik got high-A no-hitter, saw 3 pro seasons
  10. Brian Deak worked to beat other catchers to Atlanta; Played decade in minors, missed bigs, 6/6/23
  11. Todd Dewey looked at new organization as new shot at bigs; Saw six seasons, made AAA, 4/22/23
  12. Ino Guerrero drew easy comparisons to movie character, later threw in ML home run derby, 4/2/23
  13. Kevin Harmon spent more than three decades as a trainer in minors - then in the majors, 4/1/23
  14. Ken Harring played two seasons, then went into sales; Returned to game for long career as college coach, 6/10/23
  15. Larry Jaster made bigs, coached, had success against Dodgers
  16. Dave Karasinski had good poise in high school; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 6/3/23
  17. Grady Little's managerial decisions led him to the majors; One later led him to be blamed for playoff failure, 6/24/23
  18. Rich Longuil worked to stay in front of hitters over five pro seasons; Made high-A, 5/29/23
  19. Phil Maldonado looked fastball at Durham; Saw five seasons, twice briefly made AAA, 5/11/23
  20. Eddie Mathews played basketball in college, not baseball; But he threw hard, like 90 mph hard, 4/9/23
  21. Nate Minchey saw time in four ML seasons, then seven successful campaigns in Japan, 5/7/23
  22. Keith Mitchell made 4 bigs seasons, later saw Korea, coached
  23. Mike Mordecai did his job when called upon; Saw bigs over 12 seasons, Bartman game, 5/10/23
  24. David Nied hoped for quality starts with Rockies, did briefly, then injuries came; Saw bigs over five seasons, 6/17/23
  25. Rodney Richey proved a bulldog on the mound, made high-A; Later turned fighter, in court, 6/19/23
  26. Josman Robles got thrown at in 1990 game, then hit home run; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 4/24/23
  27. Chad Smith turned pro after high school no-hitter; Saw five seasons, made high-A, 5/21/23
  28. Ryan Thompson loved baseball, got to serve as Durham Bulls bat boy, 3/31/23
  29. Pat Tilmon continued playing for his love of game; Saw 11 seasons, briefly made AAA, coached, 4/23/23
  30. Theron Todd worked to improve hitting over seven pro seasons; Made AA, later coached, 4/21/23
  31. Marcos Vasquez did his job over 11 pro seasons; Saw AAA, Taiwan, but missed bigs, 3/29/23
  32. Skipper Wright saw his biggest attribute as consistency; Played over four seasons, made high-A, 4/26/23

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