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Saturday, November 22, 2014

1990 San Bernardino Spirit, Mariners: Baseball Profiles

San Bernardino Spirit baseball stadium
Fiscalini Field in San Bernardino in 2012. Fiscalini was home to the San Bernardino Spirit in 1990. (Greatest 21 Days)
Features on each member of the 1990 San Bernardino Spirit, high-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interview (1)
1 - Keith Bodie, The Reward
Keith Bodie knows the reward for a minor league coach comes years later with a 'thank you.'

San Bernardino Spirit (37)
Fernando Arguelles 1990 San Bernardino Spirit card
1 - Fernando Arguelles won a college title; Saw four pro seasons
2 - Dustin Avila had fun as Spirit bat boy
3San Bernardino Spirit Batboys got to know some famous people
4Jim Bennett saw three pro seasons, then long coaching career
5 - Lance Bland worked with players, horses
6Keith Bodie worked to improve each player as minors manager
7The Bug had huge baseball head, San Bernardino Spirit jersey
8Isaiah Clark matured from early injury, saw 6 seasons
9 - Roberto Del Pozo, Delivered It
Roberto Del Pozo delivered the go-ahead run in a June 1991 game. He played four seasons as a pro.
10 - Rich DeLucia, Of Relief
Rich DeLucia always wanted to play baseball. He played ten years in the bigs.
11 - David Evans, Played Hard
David Evans was carried off the field injured in college. He played a decade in the pros.
San Bernardino Spirit 1990 checklist card12 - Nick Felix credited coach, made pros
Dave Fleming fully appreciated playing baseball.
14 - Manuel Furcal, Long Save
Manuel Furcal picked up a long save in 1990. He played four seasons as a pro.
16 - Calvin Jones, Didn't Quit
Calvin Jones had a poor outing for the Mariners, but he didn't quit.
17 - Jeff Keitges, Home Run

Jeff Keitges helped his team to a win in 1990 with a home run. He played four seasons as a pro.
18 - Tyrone Kingwood, Raw Ability
Tyrone Kingwood had raw athletic ability. That's why the Expos took him. He didn't get to the bigs.
19 - Chuck Kniffin, With Strengths
Chuck Kniffin got his chance to coach in bigs with the Diamondbacks. He played in the minors with the Phillies.
20 - Pat Lennon, Raised Him
Pat Lennon didn't have control. He then changed he made the bigs.
21 - Bobby Magallanes played, then managed
22 - Tony Manahan, Showed Confidence
Tony Manahan showed confidence in his seven pro seasons.
23 - Ellerton Maynard, His Wheels
Ellerton Maynard showed his wheels at single-A in 1990. He played six seasons, but not in the bigs. 
24 - Rich Morales played, coached, scouted
25 - Steve Murray, Big Difference
Steve Murray's hit turned a 1984 College World Series game, He played in eight pro seasons.
26 - Tim Newlin, Door Slammed
Jim Newlin helped Wichita State to the 1989 College World Series title. He played seven seasons as a pro. 
27 - Greg Pirkl, New Position
Greg Pirkl did well enough at his new position to make the Mariners. He then tried pitching.
28 - Scott Pitcher, Adjustment Made
Scott Pitcher improved with a minor adjustment. It wasn't enough for him to make the majors.
29 - Roger Salkeld, Through Injury

Roger Salkeld never lived up to his first-round status. He still made the bigs in three seasons.
30 - David Smith, First Pitch
David Smith made a first pitch a double in a 1989 game. He played just two seasons as a pro. 
31 - Tim Stargell, Team MVPs
Tim Stargell made team MVP in first three seasons. He only played in four.
32 - Scott Taylor, Much Fun
Scott Taylor held off on his pharmaceutical career, he then made the majors.
33 - Brian Turang, Motivated Him
Brian Turang wasn't a major league prospect. But he still made it to the majors.
34 - Johnny Wiggs, With Emotion
Johnny Wiggs pitched with emotion as a reliever. He played five seasons as a pro. 
35 - Ray Williams, Two Sports
Ray Williams played two sports in college. He tried both as a pro.
36 - Kerry Woodson, Big Butterflies
Kerry Woodson had big butterflies in his major league debut. He played in just eight games.

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