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1990 Batavia Clippers

Features on each member of the 1990 Batavia Clippers, short-season affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. Players are as included in that year's team set.

1990 Batavia Clippers (32)
1 - Carlos Arroyo, Great Impact
Carlos Arroyo won a Phillies organizational award in 2012, for three decades of service with the team.
2 - Al Baur, Last Chance
Al Baur gave the pros one last shot. He made it. He never made the majors.
3 - Steve Bieser, Danced Around
Steve Bieser helped force a game-tying balk in 1997. He played in two major league seasons.
4 - Dave Cash, Helped Them
Dave Cash helped younger players as a player himself. He later continued to do so as coach.
5 - Ismael Cruz, International Signings
Ismael Cruz had brief career as player, but much more successful career as scout. With the Blue Jays for 2013.
6 - Elliott Gray, Good Week
Elliott Gray picked up Pitcher of Week honors at Clearwater in 1991. He played four seasons, never made the majors.
7 - Rob Hartwig, Went Back
Rob Hartwig thought he had chance at a 1987 College World Series catch. He didn't. His chance at the pros was brief, two seasons.
8 - Eric Hill, Good Team
Eric Hill was good enough to make AAA Scranton in his sixth season. He never made the majors.
9 - Charlie Hurst, Spot Start
Charlie Hurst came through in a 1991 start. He played four seasons, never made AA.
10 - John Ingram, Chance Encounter
John Ingram went from fourth-round pick to a brief career. Then the record is silent, until a seemingly random encounter.
11 - Jeff Jackson, Had Confidence
Jeff Jackson had high expectations taken fourth overall. He never lived up to them and never made the majors.
12 - Tom Jones, Record Book
Tom Jones helped out on a college no-hitter. He played a single season as a pro.
13 - Erik Judson, At Everything
Erik Judson had a brief career playing in ballparks. He has had long one since designing them.
14 - Stewart Lovdal, Picked Up
Stewart Lovdal picked up a win in relief for Batavia in 1990. He played just two seasons as a pro.
15 - Steve McGovern, Pitching Strength
Steve McGovern brought strength to his high school pitching staff. His pro career lasted a single season.
16 - Mike Montgomery, Work Horse
Mike Montgomery made his school's record book with his durability. His pro career lasted just a single season.
17 - Gary Morgan, Quick Hands
Gary Morgan was praised for his quick hands in high school. As a pro, he lasted just 15 games.
18 - R.A. Neitzel, Rare Feat
R.A. Neitzel achieved rare feat of two hits in same inning at AA in 1992. He never got to attempt that in the majors.
19 - Tom Nuneviller, Positive Attitude
The plan for Tom Nuneviller included six seasons as a pro, a career as a high school teacher and baseball coach. It didn't include the bigs.
20 - Mike Owens, Some Turns
Mike Owens went from pitcher to fielder to pitcher again. He never went to the majors.
21 - Steve Parris, Tougher Things
Steve Parris came back from two shoulder surgeries to play in eight major league seasons.
22 - Porfirio Pena, Phillies Signee
Porfirio Pena signed with the Phillies out of the Dominican Republic. He ended up playing professionally for just two seasons.
23 - Eulogio Perez, Scored Easily
Eulogio Perez scored easily on a 1990 misplayed ball. His career wasn't as easy. He lasted just three seasons.
24 - Ryan Ridenour, Hardest Thing
Ryan Ridenour found the hardest thing in the pros to be the mental part. His pro career lasted single season.
25 - Dave Ross, Crackling Slider
Dave Ross used his crackling slider in 1989 rookie-league game. He never got to use it in the majors. He played three seasons.
26 - Sean Ryan, Good Eye
Sean Ryan was helped by his ability to take bad pitches. Eventually played in six pro seasons, never made bigs.
27 - Jim Savage, Tie Breaker
Jim Savage helped put short-season Bend on top in 1991 with a home run. He played just 2 seasons as a pro.
28 - Tony Scott, Switch Hitter
Tony Scott switch-hit his way to playing time in 11 major league seasons and to jobs as a coach in the minors and the majors.
29 - Willie Smith, This Headache
Willie Smith's 1991 season was cut short by surgery to remove abscess on his brain. He played four pro seasons.
30 - Gil Valencia, His Shot
Gil Valencia wanted to take his shot. He took it, but never made the majors.
31 - Rich Walker, No Fuss
Batavia trainer Rich Walker liked players like Tom Nuneviller. No fuss, no bother.
32 - Mike Williams, Got Relaxed
Mike Williams learned enough to stick in the bigs for 12 seasons. He later became the Pirates' closer and an All-Star.

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