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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

1990 Spokane Indians player profiles, Padres affiliate

Matt Mieske 1990 Spokane Indians card

Features on each member of the 1990 Spokane Indians, short-season affiliate of the San Diego Padres, as included in that year's team set. 

Spokane Indians (28)

  1. Bruce Bensching started pro career strong, saw three seasons
  2. Brent Bish looked for at-bats, played four seasons, made AA
  3. Mike Bradley returned from injury to pros, saw two seasons
  4. Julio Bruno impressed minors manager, then later became one
  5. Jim Elliott played two pro seasons, then turned to medicine; Moved to Australia, got his PhD, 10/29/22
  6. Kevin Farlow made transition from aluminum bat to wood; Saw seven pro seasons, made high-A, 10/6/22
  7. Scott Fredrickson saw a high school injury turn into a pitch that helped get him to bigs with Rockies, 10/31/22
  8. Jay Gainer homered in his first major league at bat, on the first pitch he saw; Saw 23 total ML games, 10/9/22
  9. Russ Garside turned in good pitching performance at Spokane; Saw three pro seasons, made single-A, 10/8/22
  10. Darius Gash worked hard to turn heads after late start; Saw five seasons, made AA, 11/8/22
  11. Gene Glynn projected players on to bigs with Spokane; Soon got there himself as coach, 10/28/22
  12. Larry Hawks played multiple positions in college, then as pro for three seasons; Briefly made AAA, 11/5/22
  13. Rob Hays had a good enough arm to turn pro, play two seasons; Made single-A, 10/29/22
  14. Keith McKoy hit, used his speed enough to see three pro seasons; Made single-A, 10/11/22
  15. Matt Mieske showed his capabilities over eight big league seasons, five teams, 10/4/22
  16. Tony Mortensen changed colleges, turned out well enough to make pros; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 10/9/22
  17. Jeff Ordway won MVP in high school, played single pro season
  18. Bill Ostermeyer used diet to help get from college to pros; Saw pros over four seasons, made high-A, 10/30/21
  19. Lance Painter learned enough to pitch in the majors over a decade, later coach, 10/24/22
  20. Jeff Pearce started as an outfielder, finished as a pitcher; Saw six pro seasons, made high-A, 11/6/22
  21. Scott Sanders worked to avoid surgery, returned for playoff start; Saw seven ML seasons, 11/7/22
  22. Steve Siebert showed speed and hitting in high school; Played two pro seasons, later coached HS, 10/13/22
  23. Rusty Silcox chose rehab over surgery early on; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 10/22/22
  24. Bruce Tanner followed his father Chuck to the majors, coaching; Later became advance scout, 10/10/22
  25. Ryan Thibault aimed the ball in first pro start; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, Australia, 10/18/22
  26. Kevin Towers played, coached, scouted, served as ML GM almost two decades; Passed in 2018, 10/17/22
  27. Jim West hit title-winning fielder's choice; Saw two pro seasons, made single-A, 11/3/22

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