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Friday, June 18, 2021

1990 Pittsfield Mets, New York Mets: Baseball Profiles

Features on each member of the 1990 Pittsfield Mets, short-season affiliate of the New York Mets, - and two umpires - as included in that year's team set.

Pittsfield Mets (35)
  1. Tom Allison saw playing time as basis for career as scout
  2. Joe Arrendondo had good at bats over 2 seasons at Pittsfield
  3. Bill Bird helped Pittsfield Mets, played baseball, hockey
  4. Jeromy Burnitz drew Maris comparisons, saw 14 bigs seasons
  5. Alberto Castillo worked hard, saw 12 majors seasons
  6. Juan Castillo made bigs for two games over nine seasons
  7. Nick Davis opened pro career with big hit, saw 4 seasons
  8. Todd Douma went to new college, showed what he could do; Saw four seasons, made AAA, 5/10/21
  9. Brian Dunn became 'hitting star' in August 1990 game; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 5/20/21
  10. Jim Eschen tried to move up himself as a player, later worked to help others as minors manager, 6/3/21
  11. Andy Fidler impressed in high school, saw four pro seasons
  12. Mike Freitas took baseball seriously in high school; Went on to nine-season pro career, made AAA, 6/14/21
  13. Billy Gardner Jr. followed his father into long coaching, managing career; Played briefly, 6/6/21
  14. Robbi Guzik started as an outfielder, then asked to pitch; Saw six pro seasons, made AA, 6/11/21
  15. Joe Hawkins spent years as a trainer in the minors, then turned to high school, 5/28/21
  16. Jason King anchored his college infield; Played four pro seasons, briefly made AAA, 5/11/21
  17. Michael Landsman aced umpire school test, got minors job; Quickly felt burned out, 6/1/21
  18. A.J. Lostaglio has used his immediate judgment over more than three decades as umpire in minors, college, 5/31/21
  19. Two New York-Penn League umpires identified (to a reasonable degree of certainty), 5/30/21
  20. Tim McClinton played 2 sports in high school, saw 5 seasons
  21. Wallace Minnifield got the chance to turn pro in summer ball; Saw three pro seasons, 6/12/21
  22. Randy Niemann worked with minors pitchers to get them to bigs; Made bigs himself as player, coach, 6/5/21
  23. Jarrod Parker played, became minister
  24. Jim Scheffler hoped to turn pro as infielder, instead pitched; Saw three pro seasons, 6/8/21
  25. Mike Sciortino tried pitching in pros, then reverted to hitting; Saw two pro seasons, 5/16/21
  26. Philip Scott was known as a prankster in high school; Got embarrassed by Morganna as pro, made single-A, 6/8/21
  27. Dave Tarjick wanted to become a professional baseball player; What he became was a dad, 5/14/21
  28. Mike Thomas went from small college to the majors - for one appearance; Saw seven pro seasons, 6/4/21
  29. Steve Thomas played three pro seasons, then walked away; Returned eight years later to independent ball, 5/24/21
  30. Eric Thornton realized in college he had pro potential; Played two pro seasons, made Pittsfield, 5/13/21
  31. Ed Vazquez expressed nerves upon pro career's start; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 5/21/21
  32. Wahconah Park was once described as offering pure baseball; The park and site have offered it for well over a century, 5/15/21
  33. Pete Walker got hitters out in the majors; Later worked with pitchers to do the same as ML coach, 5/28/21
  34. Kyle Washington was once traded for Jose Mesa; Played 11 pro seasons, made AA, 5/9/21
  35. Tom Wilson threw well out of high school; Took pro opportunity to two campaigns, 5/8/21

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