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Friday, June 18, 2021

1990 Pittsfield Mets research, short-season affiliate of the New York Mets

Features on each member of the 1990 Pittsfield Mets, short-season affiliate of the New York Mets, - and two umpires - as included in that year's team set.

Pittsfield Mets (35)
  1. Tom Allison saw playing time as basis for career as scout; Saw five pro seasons, made AAA, 6/13/21
  2. Joe Arrendondo had good at bats with Pittsfield in 1990; Saw two pro seasons, 6/15/21
  3. Bill Bird helped out after high school with the Pittsfield Mets; Played baseball and hockey locally, 5/14/21
  4. Tim Buhe went from high school title to Northwestern and pros; Saw two pro seasons, made single-A, 5/25/21
  5. Jeromy Burnitz drew comparisons to Maris; Saw bigs over 14 seasons, 5/7/21
  6. Alberto Castillo tried to work hard, improve; Did so enough to see 12 ML campaigns, 5/6/21
  7. Juan Castillo made the bigs for two games; Worked to make it back, but didn't return, 5/27/21
  8. Nick Davis relaxed and picked up run-scoring hit; Saw four pro seasons, made single-A, 5/5/21
  9. Todd Douma went to new college, showed what he could do; Saw four seasons, made AAA, 5/10/21
  10. Brian Dunn became 'hitting star' in August 1990 game; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 5/20/21
  11. Jim Eschen tried to move up himself as a player, later worked to help others as minors manager, 6/3/21
  12. Andy Fidler impressed in high school, then turned pro; Saw four seasons, made single-A, 5/9/21
  13. Mike Freitas took baseball seriously in high school; Went on to nine-season pro career, made AAA, 6/14/21
  14. Billy Gardner Jr. followed his father into long coaching, managing career; Played briefly, 6/6/21
  15. Robbi Guzik started as an outfielder, then asked to pitch; Saw six pro seasons, made AA, 6/11/21
  16. Joe Hawkins spent years as a trainer in the minors, then turned to high school, 5/28/21
  17. Jason King anchored his college infield; Played four pro seasons, briefly made AAA, 5/11/21
  18. Michael Landsman aced umpire school test, got minors job; Quickly felt burned out, 6/1/21
  19. A.J. Lostaglio has used his immediate judgment over more than three decades as umpire in minors, college, 5/31/21
  20.  - Two New York-Penn League umpires identified (to a reasonable degree of certainty), 5/30/21
  21. Tim McClinton chose the pros over college; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 5/4/21
  22. Wallace Minnifield got the chance to turn pro in summer ball; Saw three pro seasons, 6/12/21
  23. Randy Niemann worked with minors pitchers to get them to bigs; Made bigs himself as player, coach, 6/5/21
  24. Jarrod Parker played as pro, then coached HS kids, mentored them as a pastor, presided over their funerals, 5/3/21
  25. Jim Scheffler hoped to turn pro as infielder, instead pitched; Saw three pro seasons, 6/8/21
  26. Mike Sciortino tried pitching in pros, then reverted to hitting; Saw two pro seasons, 5/16/21
  27. Philip Scott was known as a prankster in high school; Got embarrassed by Morganna as pro, made single-A, 6/8/21
  28. Dave Tarjick wanted to become a professional baseball player; What he became was a dad, 5/14/21
  29. Mike Thomas went from small college to the majors - for one appearance; Saw seven pro seasons, 6/4/21
  30. Steve Thomas played three pro seasons, then walked away; Returned eight years later to independent ball, 5/24/21
  31. Eric Thornton realized in college he had pro potential; Played two pro seasons, made Pittsfield, 5/13/21
  32. Ed Vazquez expressed nerves upon pro career's start; Saw three seasons, made high-A, 5/21/21
  33. Wahconah Park was once described as offering pure baseball; The park and site have offered it for well over a century, 5/15/21
  34. Pete Walker got hitters out in the majors; Later worked with pitchers to do the same as ML coach, 5/28/21
  35. Kyle Washington was once traded for Jose Mesa; Played 11 pro seasons, made AA, 5/9/21
  36. Tom Wilson threw well out of high school; Took pro opportunity to two campaigns, 5/8/21

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