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Sunday, April 5, 2015

1990 Madison Muskies, single-A Oakland Athletics affiliate

Kurt Abbott 1990 Madison Muskies card

Features on each member of the 1990 Madison Muskies, single-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

Interview (1)
1 - Gavin Osteen, Fine Tuned
Gavin Osteen played 13 seasons as a pro. He never made the majors. He was also never bitter.

Madison Muskies (38)
1 - Kurt Abbott hit home run for first ML hit; Saw 9 ML seasons
2 - Marcos Armas, Home Run
Marcos Armas hit his only major league home run for his second major league hit. 
3 - Wynn Beck, Real Plus
Wynn Beck had a left-handed bat - as a catcher. He never made the bigs.
4 - Shane Borchert, Started In
Shane Borchert started as a trainer in Montana.
5 - Bert Bradley, Lessons Learned
Bert Bradley has taught lessons in the pros since 1987.
6 - Brad Brimhall, Continued Hoping
Brad Brimhall played for a chance at the majors. He never got it.
7 - Eric Campa, Steady Play
Eric Campa took steady play to the pros, then to police work.

8 - Mike Conte, Dual Role
Mike Conte had a dual role as pro. First as fielder, then as pitcher. He's now with the Cal Vulcans.
9 - Fred Cooley, Division Title
Fred Cooley helped his Southern Oregon team to a division title.
10 - Gerbacio DeLeon, Rather Unique
Gerbacio DeLeon is unique for his name, not his career.
11 - Jim Gibbs, Like This
Jim Gibbs frustrated batters at short-season in 1990.

12 - Matt Grott, Saw Results
Matt Grott's results saw him get to the bigs for two games.
13 - Hugh Gulledge, His Heroes
Hugh Gulledge's heroes were his parents.
14 - Scott Henry, All-Conference
Scott Henry made his college's all-conference team.
15 - Darin Kracl, Counterfeit Outings
Darin Kracl had multiple counterfeit outings.
16 - Chad Kuhn, Told Him
Chad Kuhn came prepared to be a hitter. He then became a pitcher.
17 - Dave Latter, Those Pitches
Dave Latter took his pitches to six seasons and to AAA. He passed away in 2014.
18 - Reynaldo Martinez, Big Jump
Reynaldo Martinez' ERA jumped. He played two pro seasons.
19 - Glenn McCormick, Late Lead
Glenn McCormick hit a late go-ahead home run at short-season in 1990.
20 - Leandro Mejia, Leader Board
Leandro Mejia threw a complete game at single-A. He never made AA.
21 - Henry Mercedes moved past language problems to make bigs over five seasons
22 - Mike Mohler, Big Thing
Mike Mohler happened to be in right place for his first major league win.
23 - Glenn Osinski, Fifth Inning
Glenn Osinski helped his Modesto team to a win. He played two pro seasons.
24 - Gavin Osteen, Did His Job
Gavin Osteen felt in control in independent ball. He never made the bigs.
25 - Casey Parsons, Situational Hitting
Casey Parsons hit in the bigs. He then managed in the minors.
26 - Bronswell Patrick, Paid Off
Bronswell Patrick got his call to the bigs in his 11th season.
27 - Steve Peck, Enough Stuff
Steve Peck evaluates talent as a scout. He played eight pro seasons.
28 - Tim Peek, World Series
Tim Peek helped his team to a minors title. 
29 - Pedro Pena, Brief Outing
Pedro Pena played three seasons as a pro. He never made AA.
30 - Scott Shockey, Made It Back
Scott Shockey never liked being told he couldn't do something.
31 - Enoch Simmons, Much Potential
Enoch Simmons tried out a new sport, baseball. He then turned pro.
32 - Carlos Tamarez, Perfect Bunt
Carlos Tamarez laid down a perfect bunt in a short-season 1990 win.
33 - Keith Thomas, Had Tools
Keith Thomas chose a pro baseball career over college track.
34 - Lee Tinsley, Very Satisfying
Lee Tinsley felt better at the plate. He also had his best season.
35 - Ed Tredway, Big Switch
Ed Tredway hoped he'd return to baseball. He didn't return.
36 - Todd Van Poppel, Kept Playing
Todd Van Poppel had a long career, just not the career everyone hoped.
37 - Darryl Vice, That Situation
Darryl Vice wasn't trying to hit a home run.
38 - Jim Waggoner, Tie Broken
Jim Waggoner broke a 1994 minors tie with a home run.

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