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Friday, March 15, 2013

1990 Memphis Chicks

Features on each member of the 1990 Memphis Chicks, AA affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. Players are as included in that year's team set.

Interview (2)
1 - Pete Alborano, Constant Hustle
Pete Alborano's professional career started with a home run.
2 - Brian McRae, Call Up
Brian McRae thought he was better at football than baseball in high school. The Royals still took him 17th overall.

Memphis Chicks (28)
1 - Pete Alborano, Grand Slam
Pete Alborano played seven seasons in the pros, never made the majors.
2 - Sean Berry, Good Player
Sean Berry knew what his abilities were, enough to see time in 11 major league seasons.
3 - Jim Campbell, High Pitches
Jim Campbell struggled in his first major league start, did better in his second. He never got another.
4 - Scott Centala, Could Throw
Scott Centala took advantage of opportunity to pitch at AA, never had opportunity to pitch in the bigs.
5 - Stu Cole, Paid Off
Stu Cole speaks from experience as both a player and a manager. He went on to speak as a Rockies coach in Colorado.
6 - Victor Cole, Was Relaxed
Victor Cole threw strikes and went after hitters. He did so in eight major league games.
7 - Jeff Conine, Ground Floor
Jeff Conine got in on the ground floor. He then became Mr. Marlin.
8 - Jeff Cox, More Practice
Jeff Cox had plenty of practice, both as a player and as a third base coach.
9 - Andres Cruz, Five Innings
Andres Cruz made the Royals system after a deal with a Mexican club. He played two seasons at AA, never made Kansas City.
10 - Tommy Dunbar, Bad Break
Tommy Dunbar got sent back down. He responded by just trying to show he could play, and get back.
11 - Greg Everson, Big Pitch
Greg Everson couldn't get himself closer to the bigs than AAA. He did get his AAA Royals closer to the 1990 title.
12 - Guy Hansen, How Interested
As a scout, Guy Hansen got the Royals to draft Bret Saberhagen. He later became Royals major league pitching coach.
13 - David Howard, Stay Healthy
David Howard tried to stay healthy, played in nine major league seasons.
14 - Joel Johnston, Did It
Joel Johnston came back from a rough start in 1993 to return to the bigs. He made it there in five seasons.
15 - Kevin Koslofski, Took Off
Kevin Koslofski finally got the concept of hitting at AA. He soon took off to Kansas City.
16 - Frank Laureano, Singular Goal
Frank Laureano just wanted to make the big leagues. He never realized that goal in six seasons as a pro.
17 - Richie LeBlanc, Groundball Pitcher
Richie LeBlanc was a groundball pitcher. He couldn't take that style to a long career in the pros.
18 - Mike Leon, Trainer's Ring
Mike Leon got his World Series ring in 1997 as a AAA trainer with the Marlins.

19 - Carlos Maldonado, Fifth Outing
Carlos Maldonado made the bigs in three seasons with the Royals and Brewers, part of a nine-season pro career.
20 - Brent Mayne, Amateur Psychologist
Brent Mayne practiced his own amateur psychology in 15 major league seasons.
21 - Brian McCormack, In It
Brian McCormack kept his short-season team in the game. He later couldn't get himself in the majors.
22 - Brian McRae, Relaxed and Confident
Brian McRae couldn't hear the crowd after his first hit, his heart was pumping too loud.
23 - Bobby Moore, Next Level
Bobby Moore works in the minors to get players to the next level. He has continued that work.
24 - Jorge Pedre, Pretty Consistent
Jorge Pedre was consistent enough to make the bigs, but not enough to stick.
25 - Brian Peterson, Not Unlike 
Brian Peterson coached for more than a decade, played for four seasons, never made majors.
26 - Kyle Reese, Greate Combination
Kyle Reese has helmed a high school baseball program after a pro career that lasted eight seasons. He never made the bigs.
27 - Doug Nelson, Young Pitcher
Doug Nelson did OK in 1989 with 12 wins. His career soon ended, though, short of the majors.
28 - Hector Wagner, First Win
Hector Wagner got his first major league win in his sixth start. It ended up being his only major league win.

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