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Sunday, November 12, 2023

The 1990 Erie Sailors, New York-Penn League co-op team

Jerry Rizza 1990 Erie Sailors card

Features on each member of the 1990 Erie Sailors, short-season co-op team in the New York-Penn League, as included in that year's team set.

Erie Sailors (31)

  1. Jay Boyce hit big home run at Boise; Saw five seasons over decade, 11/4/23
  2. Mark Cerny got good single at Billings; Played over two seasons, 10/30/23
  3. Stan Cook proved patient in first pro season; Career spanned two seasons, 10/1/23
  4. Brian Currie credited his father for being a lefty; Played four pro seasons, 10/8/23
  5. Gary Daniels worked to beat pitchers; Played single pro season, 10/28/23
  6. Mal Fichman's remembered for in-game mascot disguise, but career was much more, 11/4/23
  7. D.J. Floyd proved quite a player in high school; Saw four pro seasons, made single-A, 9/29/23
  8. Brian Golden geared up for baseball in college by swimming; Saw five pro campaigns, 9/30/23
  9. Van Golmont played final college year on road; Saw three pro seasons, made single-A, 10/31/23
  10. Mike Holland wasn't afraid to make mistakes; Made pros in single season, 10/7/23
  11. Mike Jockish pitched well in summer league; Played three pro seasons, 11/6/23
  12. Robbie Kemper worked on confidence in pros; Saw two seasons, 10/11/23
  13. Mike Larson gave good outing at Boise; Later served as MLB scout, 10/14/23
  14. Mike Lomeli tried to keep the ball down; Saw four pro seasons, 10/7/23
  15. Darrell MacMillan drew notice in high school; Played two pro seasons, 10/2/23
  16. Greg McCutcheon saw confidence boosted in college; Played three pro seasons, 10/9/23
  17. Lincoln Mikkelsen pitched until past age 40; Played around world, 10/21/23
  18. Tommy Mitchell saw six pro seasons, never wanted to leave game, 10/4/23
  19. Andy Postema relied on his faith over two pro seasons, 10/22/23
  20. Brian Reimsnyder hit well in college with Florida; Saw brief pro career, 10/7/23
  21. Jerry Rizza saw three seasons, then turned accountant without regrets; Made short-season, 9/28/23
  22. Ruben Rodriguez knew he had to work hard as pro; Saw three seasons, 10/7/23
  23. Joe Roebuck showed promise in independent ball; Played seven pro seasons, 11/5/23
  24. Shaun Sanderson served in utility role for Salt Lake City; Played two seasons, 10/8/23
  25. Mike Songini got contract, grinned ear-to-ear; Played four seasons, 11/11/23
  26. Al Stacey had big game for Geneva in 1989; Saw two pro seasons, 10/1/23
  27. Rod Tafoya played and then continued playing, into his late-50s, 10/12/23
  28. Dave Voit played four seasons in the minors and in Australia, 10/24/23
  29. Brad Weitzel coached in college, briefly in pros and scouted, 10/10/23
  30. Steve Woide turned to construction, then got signed; Played four pro seasons, 10/15/23
  31. Garry Wurm played summer ball, then got signed; Saw three seasons, 10/17/23

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