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Saturday, February 28, 2015

1990 Martinsville Phillies player profiles, Philadelphia

David Agado 1990 Martinsville Phillies card

Features on each member of the 1990 Martinsville Phillies, rookie-league affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Martinsville Phillies (34)
David Agado 1990 Martinsville Phillies card1 - David Agado played two pro seasons, threw college no-hitter
2 - Chad Anderson played four pro seasons, added slider in fourth
3 - German Arias came from Dominican Republic, but didn't play
4 - Bob Badacour made all-conference college team, 1 pro season
5 - Gary Bennett got on ML hot streak in 2006, saw 13 seasons
6 - Jeff Borgese played football in HS, 1 season in pro baseball
7 - Derek Botelho played in 2 ML seasons, then coached in minors
8 - William Carmona came out of Venezuela to see 6 pro seasons
9 - Darren Cooper pitched well in college, saw single pro season
Martinsville Phillies 1990 checklist card
10 - David Croak's pro career proved brief, a single pro start
11 - Roly DeArmas, Father Hen
Roly DeArmas believed a rookie-ball manager was like being a father hen.
12 - Ray Domecq, Team Slogan
Ray Domecq made his mark on the bigs a decade after he last played.
13 - Mike Farmer, In Awe
Mike Farmer made the majors and he was in awe.
14 - Lamar Foster, Lucky One
Lamar Foster felt like he was one of the lucky ones.
15 - Pete Freeman, Preserved Win
Pete Freeman helped preserve a Legion win. He played one pro season.
16 - Antonio Grissom, Signed Him
Antonio Grissom played, scouted and instructed.
17 - Darren Hedley, The Rest
Darren Hedley wasn't among those from his college to make bigs.
18 - Bill Higgins, College Asset
Bill Higgins pitched well in college. He played one season as a pro.
19 - Maurice Hines, Playoff Wins
Maurice Hines helped his high school to two playoff wins.
20 - Robbie Kamerschen, Dog Pile
Robbie Kamerschen made it to a pitcher's mound dog pile.
21 - Gary Lance, Picked Up
Gary Lance's pro career was brief - a single game.
22 - Mike Lieberthal, His Mark
Mike Lieberthal made his mark with the Phillies.
23 - Facaner Medina, Spelled Right
Facaner Medina had to wait two seasons for his correct name.
24 - Patricio Medina, Very Quick
Patricio Medina came from a quick country. His career was also quick.
25 - Rick Meyer, Different Call
Rick Meyer answered a different call and it almost got him killed.
26 - J.J. Munoz, Something New
J.J. Munoz was pleased at a coaching chance in in his eighth season.
27 - Mike Murphy, Own Momentum
Mike Murphy gave his single-A team momentum in 1993.
28 - Jorge Pascual, In Time
Jorge Pascual made it to Aquinas Junior College just in time.
29 - Francisco Rosario, First Flight
Francisco Rosario's first flight led to his only season as a pro.
30 - Dagoberto Tapia, Only Information
Dagoberto Tapia showed up with the Martinsville Phillies, but he never played.
31 - Domingo Tejada, Photo Day
Domingo Tejada arrived in time for photo day. He didn't stay long.
32 - Terry Tewell, Seemed Right
Terry Tewell chose the pro option. He never made AA.
33 - Alberto Vicente, Important Point
Alberto Vicente explained why Dominicans were so skinny.
34 - Winston Wheeler, Took Deep
Winston Wheeler played a single season as a pro.

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