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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

1990 Helena Brewers - rookie-league affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers

Helena Brewers (29)

  1.  - Kurt Archer chose baseball over football in college; Played eight pro baseball seasons, made AAA, 6/22/20
  2.  - LaRue Baber fulfilled dream to play professionally, taken in second round; Saw five seasons, made high-A, 6/15/20
  3.  - Bill Brakeley made improvements in college, then played three pro seasons; Made single-A, 6/20/20
  4.  - Gary Calhoun coached the way he liked to be coached; Spent career coaching in college, also saw pros, 6/23/20
  5.  - Mike Carter hit a game-winning double in his first pro year; Saw 13 pro campaigns, made AAA, not bigs, 6/27/20
  6.  - Tim Carter credited his teammates in rookie ball; Played three pro seasons, made high-A, 7/19/20
  7.  - Vince Castaldo made AAA in affiliated ball, got bitter; Turned to independent St. Paul and got remembered, 7/24/20
  8.  - Tony Coble played a single season as a pro; He then joined the Army and made First Lieutenant, 7/14/20
  9.  - Mike Coombs guided his players over four decades in game; Briefly played, coached in pros, 6/16/20
  10.  - Mike Couture ran himself from college to the pros; Saw four seasons, made AA, 7/7/20
  11.  - Tony Diggs loved baseball; He played and managed it over three decades, never made bigs, 7/4/20
  12.  - Todd Edwards got his chance at pros; Lasted four seasons in field and on mound, made high-A, 7/26/20
  13.  - Juan Flores took advantage of opportunity in college; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 6/19/20
  14.  - Mike Hooper did good job pitching in high school; Played as pro over four seasons, made high-A, 7/2/20
  15.  - Geoff Kellogg played five pro seasons, made AA; Later bought a water park, 7/21/20
  16.  - Kevin McDonald threw a one-hitter at Salt Lake in 1991; Saw four pro seasons, made high-A, 7/20/20
  17.  - Pat Miller followed his father to the pros, not to the majors; Played five seasons, made AA, 7/23/20
  18.  - Scott Moseley made it his goal to play in the pros, and the bigs; He played three professional seasons, 7/16/20
  19.  - Mike Norris helped his team to an early lead in a July 1990 contest; Played single pro season, 6/21/20
  20.  - Eric Patton pitched well his first year and got married; Played two pro seasons, both in rookie ball, 6/28/20
  21.  - Gordon Powell was always taught to run hard; Did so over 10 pro seasons, made high-A, 6/26/20
  22.  - Don Pruitt gained weight in high school with peanut butter sandwiches; Played four pro seasons, made high-A, 7/14/20
  23.  - Charles Rambadt's college coach believed he deserved pro shot; He got it, over 15 games, 7/10/20
  24.  - Mark Rupp took high school success on to college and pros; Saw two pro seasons, 15 appearances, 7/4/20
  25.  - Brian Souza returned from arm injury to turn pro; Saw four seasons, made single-A, 7/7/20
  26.  - Mark Stephens became first Marlins signee in a pro game; Saw seven seasons, made high-A, 6/18/20
  27.  - Chris Wheat had a great game at Helena in 1990; Played two seasons, briefly made single-A, 6/14/20
  28.  - Tim Wilson did good job in relief in rookie ball in 1989; Played two seasons, didn't make it higher, 7/11/20
  29.  - Jason Zimbauer went from top Chicago-area prep to three pro seasons; Later sued over shoulder injury, 7/12/20

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