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Friday, January 3, 2020

1990 Jamestown Expos player profiles, Montreal affiliate

Jamestown Expos College Stadium 1990 card

Features on each member of the 1990 Jamestown Expos, as included in the 1990 team set of the short-season New York-Penn League affiliate of the Montreal Expos.

Jamestown Expos (36)
  1. Derek Aucoin became first Montrealer to play for Expos. 12/7/19
  2. Andy Barlow had brief pro stint, long run as college coach, 12/27/19
  3. Jeff Barry succeeded in 1999 game, saw 3 ML seasons, Japan, 12/10/19
  4. Bob Baxter made Candid Camera at Jamestown, saw 8 seasons, 10/4/19
  5. Billy Brewer saw 7 major league seasons, then went fishing, 1/1/20
  6. Jose Castro played 13 pro seasons, made bigs as coach, 12/13/19
  7. Ted Ciesla excelled in Legion ball, saw 2 pro seasons, 10/17/19
  8. College Stadium in Jamestown, 1/3/20
  9. Pat Daugherty became a legend at an Iowa college; Later served as Rockies' first scouting director, 12/10/19
  10. Rafael Diaz returned from Mexico with a new chance in 1997; Never made bigs, 12/11/19
  11. Rob Fitzgerald believed he saw an opening to the majors; Never made it above AA, 12/8/19
  12. Michael Friedland played two pro seasons, then, years later, helped coach son's Little League team, 9/30/19
  13. Tom Glick served as Jamestown Expos intern in 1990; In 2019, he serves as Carolina Panthers team president, 12/28/19
  14. Ranbir Grewal led his college team in wins and ERA; Twice made AAA, 12/11/19
  15. Chris Haney returned to the majors over 11 seasons, also played in Japan, 12/18/19
  16. Dan Hargis dealt with draft day by going fishing; Also took part in Candid Camera prank, 10/19/19
  17. Robbie Katzaroff knew all he could do was play hard; Played seven pro seasons, not in bigs, 12/7/19
  18. Darrin Kotch got back on track at Sumter in 1991 with three-inning save, 10/15/19
  19. Steve Long did alright at Sumter in 1991; Played seven seasons, didn't see bigs, 10/14/19
  20. Q.V. Lowe still loved the game after nearly 50 years in it; Coached in college, minors and bigs, 12/12/19
  21. Mike Mathile's potential didn't pan out with trip to bigs, 10/3/19
  22. Domingo Matos hit well lin a June 1993 game for West Palm; Played five pro seasons, 10/12/19
  23. Felix Moya grew up in Nicaragua, stayed in El Salvador, played in minors for three seasons, 1/2/20
  24. Glenn Murray knocked a high chopper for first big league hit, Played two decades, 12/15/19
  25. Joe Norris never made the majors himself, but saw a player he coached get there, 10/2/19
  26. Jerry Nyman was related to major leaguers, just not one whose name he shared, 10/20/19
  27. Tom O'Reilly served as Jamestown GM for two league titles, 12/26/19
  28. John Polasek believed congressional changes would benefit players like him, 12/17/19
  29. Troy Ricker hit two home runs in 1989 West Palm Beach game, 12/13/19
  30. Abby Rodriguez had fielding trouble in third pro season, was also last pro season, 10/5/19
  31. Todd Samples turned to art and the environment after eight seasons in pro baseball, 10/13/19
  32. Marc Tsitouris swung the bat well in a July 1991 game; Played two pro seasons, 10/17/19
  33. Troy Wessel's son followed him to the baseball field; The father played three pro seasons, 12/8/19
  34. Randy Wilstead hit a game-winning home run at BYU; Came up short of bigs, 12/28/19
  35. Yuppi followed his cousin, Yippie, to become the Jamestown Expos mascot, 10/10/19
  36. Scott Yurcisin may not have spent long training in the minors, but he appears to have gone on elsewhere, 1/3/20

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