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Friday, January 3, 2020

1990 Jamestown Expos

Features on each member of the 1990 Jamestown Expos, as included in the 1990 team set of the short-season New York-Penn League affiliate of the Montreal Expos.

Jamestown Expos (36)
  1. Derek Aucoin became the first homegrown Montrealer to play for the Expos, 12/7/19
  2. Andy Barlow had brief stint in pros, has had long stint as coach at MIT, 12/27/19
  3. Jeff Barry came through for the Rockies in 1999; Played in three major league seasons, Japan, 12/10/19
  4. Bob Baxter had to smile with Jamestown, because he was on Candid Camera, 10/4/19
  5. Billy Brewer hoped to show a scout what he could do; Saw seven ML seasons, 1/1/20
  6. Jose Castro played 13 seasons,never made bigs; Made bigs as coach, 12/13/19
  7. Ted Ciesla excelled in American Legion ball; He played two pro seasons, 10/17/19
  8. College Stadium in Jamestown saw pro baseball for a long time, 1/3/20
  9. Pat Daugherty became a legend at an Iowa college; Later served as Rockies' first scouting director, 12/10/19
  10. Rafael Diaz returned from Mexico with a new chance in 1997; Never made bigs, 12/11/19
  11. Rob Fitzgerald believed he saw an opening to the majors; Never made it above AA, 12/8/19
  12. Michael Friedland played two pro seasons, then, years later, helped coach son's Little League team, 9/30/19
  13. Tom Glick served as Jamestown Expos intern in 1990; In 2019, he serves as Carolina Panthers team president, 12/28/19
  14. Ranbir Grewal led his college team in wins and ERA; Twice made AAA, 12/11/19
  15. Chris Haney returned to the majors over 11 seasons, also played in Japan, 12/18/19
  16. Dan Hargis dealt with draft day by going fishing; Also took part in Candid Camera prank, 10/19/19
  17. Robbie Katzaroff knew all he could do was play hard; Played seven pro seasons, not in bigs, 12/7/19
  18. Darrin Kotch got back on track at Sumter in 1991 with three-inning save, 10/15/19
  19. Steve Long did alright at Sumter in 1991; Played seven seasons, didn't see bigs, 10/14/19
  20. Q.V. Lowe still loved the game after nearly 50 years in it; Coached in college, minors and bigs, 12/12/19
  21. Mike Mathile's potential didn't pan out with trip to bigs, 10/3/19
  22. Domingo Matos hit well lin a June 1993 game for West Palm; Played five pro seasons, 10/12/19
  23. Felix Moya grew up in Nicaragua, stayed in El Salvador, played in minors for three seasons, 1/2/20
  24. Glenn Murray knocked a high chopper for first big league hit, Played two decades, 12/15/19
  25. Joe Norris never made the majors himself, but saw a player he coached get there, 10/2/19
  26. Jerry Nyman was related to major leaguers, just not one whose name he shared, 10/20/19
  27. Tom O'Reilly served as Jamestown GM for two league titles, 12/26/19
  28. John Polasek believed congressional changes would benefit players like him, 12/17/19
  29. Troy Ricker hit two home runs in 1989 West Palm Beach game, 12/13/19
  30. Abby Rodriguez had fielding trouble in third pro season, was also last pro season, 10/5/19
  31. Todd Samples turned to art and the environment after eight seasons in pro baseball, 10/13/19
  32. Marc Tsitouris swung the bat well in a July 1991 game; Played two pro seasons, 10/17/19
  33. Troy Wessel's son followed him to the baseball field; The father played three pro seasons, 12/8/19
  34. Randy Wilstead hit a game-winning home run at BYU; Came up short of bigs, 12/28/19
  35. Yuppi followed his cousin, Yippie, to become the Jamestown Expos mascot, 10/10/19
  36. Scott Yurcisin may not have spent long training in the minors, but he appears to have gone on elsewhere, 1/3/20

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