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Sunday, December 14, 2014

1990 Sumter Braves player profiles, Atlanta affiliate

Tab Brown 1990 Sumter Braves card

Features on each member of the 1990 Sumter Braves, single-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Players featured are as included in that year's team set.

Sumter Braves (32)
Sumter Braves 1990 checklist card
Tab Brown saw three minor league seasons, each with Braves
2 - Vinny Castilla made 16 ML seasons, Denver fan favorite
3 - Mike Gabriele, Some Rest
Mike Gabriele went from college to the pros. He played just two seasons.
4 - Steve Glass, Pro Ball
Steve Glass turned pro and it was one of the happiest and proudest moments of his life.
5 - Kevin Haeberle, Caught Up
Kevin Haeberle couldn't pitch himself out of every jam. He played just two seasons.
6 - Lee Heath, Defensive Prospect
Lee Heath went from being a defensive prospect in football to one in baseball.
7 - Roger Hailey, Best Chance
Roger Hailey pitched well at single-A Sumter. He never made AA.
8 - Tyler Houston, Learning To Hit
Tyler Houston learned to hit. He then made the majors.
9 - Earl Jewett, Big Key
Earl Jewett threw a no-hitter in his second pro season. He played just three pro seasons.
10 - Willy Johnson, All-Star
Willy Johnson served as an all-star trainer for 13 minor league seasons.
11 - Pat Kelly Gamer Attitude
Pat Kelly had a gamer attitude at single-A. He made AAA, but not the bigs.
12 - Ryan Klesko, Delivering for Mom
Ryan Klesko wanted a World Series home run for his mom. He played in 16 major league seasons.
13 - John Kupsey, Nice Kid
John Kupsey was a good player in high school. He made the pros for six seasons, but not the bigs.
14 - Fred Lopez, Backup Catcher
Fred Lopez was praised as a backup catcher at single-A. He played just three seasons as a pro.
15 - Gene Martin, Big Hits 
Gene Martin followed his father to the pros. He later followed him to coaching.
16 - Eddie Mathews, Next Season
Eddie Mathews started his pro career as minors assistant general manager.
17 - Miguel Mendez, At Third
Miguel Mendez played in two pro seasons, just three games at Sumter.
18 - Tom Newman, Mental Lock
Tom Newman played two seasons, missed double play at single-A. 
19 - Melvin Nieves, Stuck With It
Melvin Nieves played in seven seasons in the bigs and two in Japan.
20 - Jose Olmeda, Those Guys
Jose Olmeda moved up to single-A in mid-1990. He later made AAA, but not the bigs.
21 - Eddie Perez, Clutch Situations
Eddie Perez had the Turner Field fans chanting his name in 1999.
22 - Ralph Rowe, Own Eyes
Ralph Rowe judged and gave advice to his players using his own eyes.
23 - Bill Schafer, Four Wins
Bill Schafer picked up four wins for Sumter in 1990. They were the final wins of brief pro career.
24 - Dan Sims, Early Run
Dan Sims used his speed for an early rookie ball run. He played just two seasons.
25 - Shaun Sottile, Impressive Start
Shaun Sottile was impressive for his collegiate league team. He played three seasons as a pro.
26 - Earl Steinmetz, Independent Attention
Earl Steinmetz sometimes got the most attention in independent ball. It wasn't always good.
27 - Don Strange, Job Done
Don Strange got the job done at Sumter in 1990. He played eight seasons, but he never made the bigs.
28 - Tony Tarasco felt like 12yo in majors debut, saw 8 seasons
29 - Ron Thomas, Bore Down
Ron Thomas did well in a May 1990 game at Sumter. He played three seasons as a pro.
30 - Matt West, Had Ability
Matt West started his pro career on a dare.
31 - Mark Wohlers, Cranked It
Mark Wohlers became a reliever in the minors. He then cranked it up a notch.
32 - Ned Yost, Good Proof
Ned Yost knew a minor league pennant was icing on the cake. He later got a major league pennant with the Royals.

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