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Monday, September 25, 2023

The 1990 Watertown Indians, short-season affiliate of the Cleveland Indians

Kelly Stinnett 1990 Watertown Indians card

Features on each member of the 1990 Watertown Indians, short-season affiliate of the Cleveland Indians as included in that year's team set. 

Watertown Indians (28)

  1. Chad Allen knew the importance of school; Saw four pro seasons, made AA, 8/16/23
  2. Teddy Blackwell knew being a minors trainer meant teaching; Served in minors for long career, 8/15/23
  3. Willie Canate earned ML opportunities with Blue Jays in 1993, one in World Series, 9/9/23
  4. Mark Charbonnet came through in clutch over 12 pro seasons; Made AA, played in independent ball, 9/20/23
  5. Brian Cofer had speed, tremendous arm; Turned from fielding to pitching in four seasons, made high-A, 9/11/23
  6. John Cotton saw 15 pro seasons, AAA in five of them; Missed bigs, 8/23/23
  7. Mike Davis had big night at Watertown in 1990; Saw two pro seasons, 8/20/23
  8. Mark DelPiano has applied his work ethic as player, coach to long career as scout, 8/19/23
  9. Tim Ellis threw hard enough in high school to make college, pros; Saw two pro seasons, 8/13/23
  10. Jim Gabella worked on his major league goal as player, then as coach; Missed the bigs, 9/24/23
  11. Brian Giles believed he could produce, if every day player; Saw 15 ML seasons, 9/2/23
  12. Mike Gonzales heled his high school team to win; Saw two pro seasons, made high-A, 8/21/23
  13. Dane Kallevig helped his amateur team to a title with relief work; Played two seasons, made single-A, 8/26/23
  14. Dennis Kluss showed confidence in college; Played two pro campaigns, made short-season, 9/17/23
  15. John Lorms hit game-winner at single-A in 1991; Saw three pro seasons, made high-A, 9/13/23
  16. Oscar Munoz had rough welcome to bigs, saw 10 ML games over seven pro seasons, 8/30/23
  17. Joe Perez drew big comparisons out of high school; Saw five pro seasons, made high-A, 9/23/23
  18. Clyde 'Pork Chop' Pough played in front of plenty over 16 pro seasons; Nickname proved memorable, 9/20/23
  19. Tracy Richardson grew up in Watertown, then turned minor league intern and assistant GM, 9/6/23
  20. Roberto Rivera jumped from AA to bigs as lefty; Saw majors over two seasons, 8/28/23
  21. Bobby Ryan loved pressure in college; Played in five pro seasons, briefly made AAA, 9/4/23
  22. Keith Shepherd got noticed by two stars, saw time in four ML seasons, 9/17/23
  23. Ken Silvestri saw time in eight ML seasons; In between, he fought in World War II; Also coached, 9/19/23
  24. Kelly Stinnett had attitude, frame of mind to make bigs over 14 seasons, 8/13/23
  25. Paulino Tena got thrown at in 1991 game; Saw four seasons, made high-A, 9/10/23
  26. Tom Van Schaack helped Watertown to attendance gain as GM; Had long career in baseball, 9/14/23
  27. Ken Welch hit well in college; Played two pro campaigns, made short-season, also in semi-pro, 9/24/23
  28. Bill Wertz made major league debut in hometown; Saw time over two big league seasons, 9/10/23

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