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Friday, March 27, 2020

1990 Welland Pirates, short-season Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate

Features on each member of the 1990 Welland Pirates, as included in the 1990 team set of the short-season NY-Penn League affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Welland Pirates (37)
  1. Rocky Bridges knew baseball - and one-liners; Played and coached in majors, managed in minors, 2/13/20
  2. Anthony Brown grew up a Pirates fan, then played in the organization for three seasons, 2/16/20
  3. Mike Brown hit a game-winner in 1993; Played nine seasons, including two as a pitcher, made AA, 2/26/20
  4. Scott Bullett had a big night for the Cubs in 1996; Played in four ML seasons in 19 pro campaigns, 3/7/20
  5. Bob Burgess picked up his first baseball job down the road from college, then moved to Canada, 3/21/20
  6. Genaro Campusano played five pro seasons, made high-A; His son later followed him to pros, 2/12/20
  7. Lynn Carlson played two pro seasons, has since coached more than two decades at alma mater, 2/17/20
  8. Steve Cooke lived on the edge of the plate; Saw the majors over six seasons, 3/4/20
  9. John Curtis signed to play football in college, later signed in pro baseball; Played two seasons, 3/13/20
  10. Tim Edge knew he had to wait his turn; Played at AAA over five seasons, his majors turn never came, 2/22/20
  11. Juneiro Feliz played four seasons, then later killed his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, another man and killed himself, 2/23/20
  12. Fuss and Fuss Lincoln Mercury sponsored the 1990 Welland Pirates card set; Neither remains in Welland, 2/9/20
  13. Mark Futrell believed pros would be opportunity of lifetime; Saw six pro seasons, four in independent ball, 2/15/20
  14.  - Tom Green wanted a chance to contribute; Did so over four seasons, made AAA, not bigs, 2/25/20
  15.  - Wes Grisham helped his LSU Tigers to the College World Series; Played one season as a pro, 3/23/20
  16.  - Marcus Hanel missed the bigs in 11 seasons; Been there in two decades since as bullpen catcher, 3/22/20
  17.  - Ben Johnson scored winning run in high school playoff game; Played single season as pro, 3/10/20
  18.  - Jeff Lyle held his high school strikeout record; Played three pro seasons, 3/24/20
  19.  - Jim Mallon worked as a college coach to improve his players on and off the field; Briefly managed in minors, 3/17/20
  20.  - Jon Martin played three pro seasons, then had to give up on his dream, 2/16/20
  21.  - Kurt Miller started with pressure of first-round pick; Saw time in five ML seasons, Japan, 3/20/20
  22.  - Troy Mooney threw a seven-inning no-hitter at single-A; Played six seasons, made high-A, 3/19/20
  23.  - Jerry Nyman wasn't a big talker; Played in three ML seasons, coached in minors for longer, 2/10/20
  24.  - Alex Pacheco started slowly in first pro season; Season also proved his last, 3/21/20
  25.  - Rob Peterson played two pro seasons, then returned home to coach basketball and teach, 2/15/20
  26.  - Steve Polewski's father served as a coach on his high school team; Played two pro seasons, 3/16/20
  27.  - Andre Redmond played five pro seasons in the field and on the mound; He then returned home, 3/21/20
  28.  - Rich Robertson moved his fastball over six major league seasons, 2/19/20
  29.  - Steve Roeder got enough details right to play five pro seasons, but not above short-season, 3/13/20
  30.  - Joe Ronca hit a game-tying grand slam in 11th season in pros; Made AA, not bigs, 3/2/20
  31.  - John Schulte worked hard enough to turn pro out of high school; Played three pro seasons, 3/13/20
  32.  - Brian Shouse saw 13 major league outings over his first 12 seasons, then his career took off, 2/18/20
  33.  - Doug Simpson played three sports in high school, a season in pro baseball, became fireman, 2/21/20
  34.  - David Tellers turned his height into finesse pitching; Played seven pro seasons, made AA, 2/28/20
  35.  - Welland Stadium served six seasons as a NY-Penn League stadium; Later home to other teams, 3/14/20
  36.  - Kevin Young played baseball for that winning feeling; Played in bigs over 12 seasons, 3/14/20
  37.  - Mike Zimmerman played a decade, never made bigs; Later became scout and agent, 3/25/20

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