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Sunday, November 17, 2013

1990 Orlando SunRays player profiles, AA Minnesota Twins

Johnny Ard 1990 Orlando SunRays card

Features on each member of the 1990 Orlando SunRays, as included in that year's team set

Interview (1)
1 - Reed Olmstead, That Confidence
Reed Olmstead had to fight against losing his confidence. He never got past that to make the majors.

1990 Orlando SunRays (31)
Johnny Ard 1990 Orlando SunRays card
1 - Johnny Ard played 7 pro seasons, but injuries limited career
2 - Willie Banks called Mom after bigs call, saw 9 ML seasons
3 - Jarvis Brown's hard work paid off in majors, World Series
4 - John Eccles, Team Leader
John Eccles took the extra base, earned the respect of his team. Played five seasons, never made the majors.
5 - Scott Erickson, Full Steam
Scott Erickson had a magical 1991 season for the Twins, then had a magical game four years later with a no-hitter.
6 - Mark Funderburk made bigs, went to Italy, made bigs again
7 - Ron Gardenhire, Certain Way
Orlando SunRays 1990 checklist cardRon Gardenhire not only got to manage the Twins, but he hasn't stopped managing.
8 - Shawn Gilbert, Not Wasted
Shawn Gilbert wondered if he was wasting his time in decade in minors. He wasn't. Made Mets, Cardinals and Dodgers.
9 - Wayne Hattaway, First Game
Wayne Hattaway has kept the Twins honest - and laughing.
10 -Gorman Heimueller, Never Worked
Gorman Heimueller loved coaching so much it was as though he never worked.
11 - Jeff Hull, Ran With
Jeff Hull always wanted to start. At single-A in 1984, he returned to that role, and excelled. He never made the majors.
12 - Greg Johnson, Called On
Greg Johnson helped his Orlando SunRays out of jams, but he couldn't help himself to the majors.
13 - Chuck Knoblauch, Time Thinking
Chuck Knoblauch had a whirlwind year in 1991. He then had a 12-season major league career.
Orlando SunRays 1990 logo card
14 - Orlando Lind, Make This
He wanted to make 1991 the year he made the bigs. Never made it.
15 - Jose Marzan, Good Sign
Jose Marzan helped his AA Orlando team win with work on the bases. He later became a minor league manager.
16 - Rick McWane, Concussion Rules
Rick McWane helped write new major league concussion rules.
17 - Basil Meyer, Turning Points
Basil Meyer helped turn AA Orlando's fortunes in 1990. He played just four seasons as a pro.
18 - Kenny Morgan, Real Pop
Kenny Morgan had some real pop at AA Orlando in 1990. He never made the bigs.
19 - Steve Muh, Was Confident
Steve Muh was confident in high school. He took that to college and the pros. He played four seasons, never made the bigs.
20 - Ed Naveda, Playing Hard
Ed Naveda was very valuable at AA. He never made the bigs.
21 - Denny Neagle, Already Familiar
Denny Neagle quickly made connections in New York.
22 - Reed Olmstead, Extra Innings
Reed Olmstead was 'Mr. Extra Inning' in 1990, with five game-winning RBIs at AA Orlando. He never made the majors.
23 - Mike Randle, Hit Different
Mike Randle hit differently than the textbook. He ended up hitting in five pro seasons.
24 - Jeff Reboulet, Defensive Job
Jeff Reboulet knew how to play the game, he did so in 12 major league seasons.
25 - Mike Redding, Every Bit
Mike Redding took a no-hitter through six in a 1990 start, played six seasons, never made the majors.
26 - Gary Resetar, Straight Forward
Gary Resetar tried his hand at managing, after four seasons as a player. He never made the bigs.
27 - Doug Simons, As Excited
Doug Simons got his first major league win. He then threw a party in his head.
28 - Steve Stowell, Impressive Work
Steve Stowell turned from outfielder to pitcher in college. He played six seasons as a pro, never made the majors.
29 - Frank Valdez, Real Quick Bat
Frank Valdez had a quick bat, but he never made it above AA in six seasons of affiliated ball.
30 - Rob Wassenaar, Funny Game
Rob Wassenaar got a tough-luck loss at AA in 1989. He played seven seasons as a pro, never made the bigs.
31 - Lenny Webster, Tough Decision
Lenny Webster tried to make the Twins' decision tough. He saw time in 12 major league seasons.

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