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Friday, December 6, 2019

1990 Peoria Chiefs

Features on each member of the 1990 Peoria Chiefs - and some others - as included in the 1990 team set of the Peoria Chiefs, single-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.

Peoria Chiefs (50)
  1. John Y. Baker became Peoria Chiefs GM three years removed from a AAA internship, 11/3/19
  2. Damon Berryhill hoped to answer questions with the Braves, 11/23/19
  3. Joseph Bosco wrote books about the 1988 Peoria Chiefs season and 1995 O.J. Simpson trial, 11/26/19
  4. Shawn Boskie relaxed, threw a complete game in his major league debut, 10/27/19
  5. Victor Cancel helped spark a rally in a 1991 game, 11/10/19
  6. Pedro Castellano's first major league RBI came with some luck, 11/22/19
  7. Marvin Cole learned to relax more, but couldn't take it to the bigs, 11/16/19
  8. Earl Cunningham tried to do the best he could, 11/24/19
  9. Lance Dickson felt, even as a first-round pick, he had to earn the majors, 11/26/19
  10. Jason Doss almost hit the ceiling when drafted out of high school, 11/15/19
  11. Chris Ebright hit a game-winner at AA in 1993, one of his final games, 11/26/19
  12. Jay Eddings didn't sign out of high school, later signed others as scout, 11/2/19
  13. Brad Erdman had his dream and it kept him playing over eight seasons, 10/22/19
  14. Rene Francisco played two seasons, then turned scout, Royals assistant general manager, 11/8/19
  15. Matt Franco took advice from his uncle - former minor leaguer Kurt Russell, 11/29/19
  16. Jac Gelb hoped to replicate his first minors season in his second, 11/9/19
  17. Henry Gomez started well at AAA, then hit a rough spot, 10/20/19
  18. Bill Harford helped build the Cubs as farm director and later built teams as a scout, 11/14/19
  19. Mike Harkey learned from injury, then played seven more big league campaigns, 10/29/19
  20. Jeff Hirsch gained some attention with a spring training pitch, 10/27/19
  21. Eric Jaques impressed in high school, played four seasons as a pro, 10/26/19
  22. Norm Jenkins returned to his alma mater after Peoria and made career there, 11/4/19
  23. Curley 'Boo' Johnson played basketball for the Harlem Globetrotters, 11/19/19
  24. Chris Lutz pitched well in college, played three pro seasons, 11/30/19
  25. Greg Mahlberg knew he'd get quality players at San Bernardino, 10/23/19
  26. Greg Maddux drew early comparisons to all-timers, then became one himself, 11/2/19
  27. Ray Mullino watched one of his players get drafted years after he was drafted himself, 11/7/19
  28. Rick Mundy gained confidence his first pro season, 10/25/19
  29. Jim Murphy went back to school and became an author and motivational speaker, 11/18/19
  30. Mike Nelson worked hard to run his own club, 11/4/19
  31. Jim O'Reilly gained experience as a trainer in college and the NFL, 11/23/19
  32. Bill Paynter looked forward to his third pro season, 10/24/19
  33. Jeff Pico threw a shutout in his major league debut, 10/30/19
  34. Ralph Rashid joined the Peoria Chiefs having already had a full lifetime of experiences, 11/5/19
  35. Ronnie Rasp played three pro seasons, then crushed his finger in an off-season accident, 11/9/19
  36. Jeff Reeser grew up 50 miles from Peoria, then became Peoria's assistant GM, 11/6/19
  37. Jim Robinson first scouted Clay Buchholtz, then cheered him, 11/6/19
  38. Bill St. Peter went from pro baseball to pro fishing, 11/25/19
  39. Woody Smith later gave advice to his cousin on life in the minors, 11/27/19
  40. Lester Strode spent more than three decades with the Cubs organization, 11/28/19
  41. Dave Swartzbaugh received support from his AAA pitching coach, then returned to bigs, 12/3/19
  42. Jim Sweeney threw a 1990 pitch that cleared the benches, 11/27/19
  43. Sully's Pub in Peoria had its share of sports memorabilia, sponsored Peoria Chiefs' team set, 11/25/19
  44. Paul Torres showed his value over 14 minors seasons, 11/3/19
  45. Matt Walbeck showed he could play over 11 major league seasons, 11/7/19
  46. Kraig Washington came from a line of pro athletes, 12/5/19
  47. Jerrone Williams hit well in independent ball, couldn't get back to affiliated ball, 11/15/19
  48. Travis Willis initially hated relief, then it grew on him, 12/2/19
  49. Mark Young played two seasons as a pro, 17 as an amateur, 11/27/19
  50. Richie Zisk played in 13 major league seasons, then coached, 12/4/19

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