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1990 Modesto Athletics

Features on each member of the 1990 Modesto Athletics, high-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. Players featured are as included in that year's team set. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interview (3)
1 - Dean Borrelli, Confidence Lifted
Dean Borrelli received early lift from three-hit performance, played eight seasons, never made bigs.
2 - Ted Kubiak, Loved Baseball
Ted Kubiak chose the pros over college because he loved baseball. He's been in the game almost non-stop since.
3 - Bronswell Patrick, Best Feeling
Bronswell Patrick made the majors in his 11th season. It was his mother who kept him going.

1990 Modesto Athletics (29)
1 - Dana Allison, Really Something
Dana Allison made the bigs to start his third pro season. He got 11 games, but never got back.
2 - Dean Borrelli, Many Stories
Dean Borrelli collected his share of stories in his eight pro seasons. He never made the bigs.
3 - John Briscoe, Last Few
John Briscoe shut down the Brewers in 1996. He pitched in six seasons for the Athletics.
4 - James Buccheri, More Confidence
James Buccheri focused on steals in college. He played 13 seasons, never stole in the bigs.
5 - Tom Carcione, Extraordinary Amount 
Tom Carcione had an extraordinary amount of experience as a coach. He played 10 seasons.
6 - Rod Correia, Remember This
Rod Correia went 3 for 3 against Randy Johnson. He then got a fastball to the leg.
7 - Scott Erwin, Complete Games
Scott Erwin went 25-3 for Gerorgia Tech in the 1980s. As a pro, he never made it above AA.
8 - Apolinar Garcia, Felt Comfortable
Apolinar Garcia played 11 seasons as a pro. He made AAA, but not the majors.
9 - Johnny Guzman, Saw Enough
Johnny Guzman was rushed to the majors due to injuries. He didn't last long. 
10 - Dave Hollenback, Extra Duties
He served as trainer in the 1992 California League All-Star Game.
11 - Dwayne Hosey, Box Scores
Dwayne Hosey looked at the major league box scores, then he was in them.
12 - Ted Kubiak, Good Attitude
Ted Kubiak didn't like his utility role. Then he embraced it. 
13 - Jim Lawson, Baseball Mechanics
Jim Lawson helps Canadian youth with their game. He played as a pro for three seasons.
14 - Kevin Lofthus, To Adjust
Kevin Lofthus was a top UNLV hitter. A wrist problem limited his career.
15 - Will Love, Early End
Will Love tried his hand at both hitting and pitching. He never made AA.
16 - Francisco Matos, Track Record
Francisco Matos played well at AAA over several years. He made the bigs in just one.
17 - Tim McCoy, Been Strong
Tim McCoy pitched well with Oral Roberts. He played six seasons as a pro, never made the bigs.
18 - Mike Messerly, Hit Baseballs
Mike Messerly hit baseballs as a pro for four years. He later became a teacher. 
19 - Joe Ortiz, Tough Road
Joe Ortiz wanted to play major league ball. He never got the chance.
20 - Craig Paquette, First Time
Craig Paquette was thankful to be back in the bigs. He came back for his best years.
21 - Bob Parry, Any Time
Bob Parry hit home runs as a player. He's now watching his players hit them as a high school coach.
22 - Bronswell Patrick, Paid Off
Bronswell Patrick got his call in his 11th season. His debut was nerve-wracking. 
23 - Pete Richert, Pivotal Play
Pete Richert celebrated a World Series title with the Orioles. He later coached in minors.
24 - Todd Smith, Stayed With
Todd Smith played four seasons as a reliever. He made AA, but not the bigs.
25 - Bill Taylor, Held It
Bill Taylor held a lead for Madison in 1990. He played three seasons, made AA.
26 - Keith Thomas, Had Tools
Keith Thomas chose pro baseball over college track. Played 14 seasons.
27 - Tim Vannaman, Good Season
Tim Vannaman chose the pros over another year at Rice. He played just three seasons.
28 - Jim Waggoner, Tie Broken
Jim Waggoner broke a 1994 tie with a home run. He played 10 seasons, he never made the bigs.
29 - Ron Witmeyer, What Happens
Ron Witmeyer vowed to bust his butt to stay in the bigs. He got just a single major league hit. 

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