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Thursday, March 19, 2015

1990 Burlington Indians player profiles, Cleveland affiliate

Sam Baker 1990 Burlington Indians card

Features on each member of the 1990 Burlington Indians, rookie-league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.

Burlington Indians (28)
Sam Baker 1990 Burlington Indians card1 - Sam Baker played 3 pro seasons with Indians, made single-A
2 - Jeff Brohm turned to football, made NFL, college FB coach
3 - Dickie Brown saw eight pro seasons, made team's record book
4 - Shawn Bryant worked to be in position to win over 6 seasons
5 - Dan Devoe, Chosen Profession
Dan Devoe played in college. He then turned to his chosen profession.
6 - Alan Embree, This Long
Alan Embree was ready to pitch when called upon.
7 - Miguel Flores saw two decades in pros, made career in Mexico
8 - Steve Gajkowski, Always Hope
Burlington Indians 1990 checklist card
Steve Gajkowski knew there was always hope for the bigs.
9 - Matt Gilmore, More Excited
Matt Gilmore moved to a new high school. He then turned pro.
10 - Sam Hence, Early Lead
Sam Hence helped his team with a home run. He never made AA.
11 - Pedro Henderson, Best Season
Pedro Henderson's best season was 1991. He only played in four.
12 - Stan Hilton, His Command
Stan Hilton briefly coached a young Max Scherzer.
13 - Roberto Jimenez, Early Start
Roberto Jimenez had an early start and early end to his career.
14 - Carl Johnson, Just Fine
Carl Johnson knew his team would do just fine.
15 - Dave Keller Long Time
Dave Keller has been in professional baseball a long time.
16 - John Martinez, A Second
John Martinez was almost the first Puerto Rican drafted.
17 - Shawn McElfish, 'A' Game
Shawn McElfish needs his A game as a coach, police officer.
18 - Frank Monastero, Bigger Thrill
Frank Monastero made his twilight league's hall of fame.
19 - Ramon Ortiz, Rookie Ball
Ramon Ortiz played three seasons, all in rookie ball.
20 - Mike Pinckes, Wanted To
Mike Pinckes did what he wanted to do, play as a pro.
21 - Tracy Sanders, Big Threat
Tracy Sanders was a big threat at AA. He never made the bigs.
22 - Tim Thomas, Those Hits
Tim Thomas knew one hit could change everything.
23 - Jim Thome, Steak Dinner
Jim Thome played because he loved the game.
24 - Tony Tillman, Better Things
Tony Tillman wasn't drafted as a fill-in. He played just two seasons.
25 - Ramon Torres, Native Country
Ramon Torres started in the Dominican Republic. His U.S. career was brief.
26 - Alan Walden, Wound Up
Alan Walden didn't know the Indians would take him. He played four pro seasons.
27 - Von Wechsberg, One Run
Von Wechsberg started well in his third pro season.
28 - Darrell Whitmore, Key Thing
Darrell Whitmore started strong with the Marlins, then reality set in.

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