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Friday, March 13, 2015

Miguel Flores, Much Energy - 3013

Miguel Flores' Monterrey Sultanes had a big game in March 2008 and Flores was sure the team would be up for it, he told

The big game was an exhibition game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at the end of spring training.

"We have not slept much but the game makes you forget. It gives you energy," Flores told "We all forget how tired we are when the game starts. Ask me again when the game is over."

That game in particular was likely the easiest for Flores to get up for. It was likely the closest he'd get to the majors.

Flores that year was 19 years into his professional career, with much of that time spent in Mexico. He made AAA in the minors. He never made the majors.

Flores' career began in 1990, taken by the Indians in the 23rd round out of Laredo Community College in Texas.

Flores started with the Indians at rookie Burlington. He hit .250 in 57 games. He moved to high-A Kinston in 1991. He knocked in a run on a triple in a July game.

Flores arrived at AA Canton-Akron for 1992 and returned there for 1993. He hit .272 his first year there and .292 his second.

He gave Canton-Akron a lead on a single in an April 1993 game. He knocked a three-run double in another game that month.

Flores made AAA Charlotte in 1994, hitting .274. He got into 31 more games in 1995 at AAA Buffalo, marking the extent of his affiliated career.

Flores moved to Mexico and the Mexican League and Monterrey. He went on to play with Monterrey for much of the next 15 seasons. He last played for them in 2009. In 2013, Flores became the team's manager.
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