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1990 Buffalo Bisons

Coca-Cola Park in 2010, home of the Buffalo Bisons. The park opened in 1988 as Pilot Field. (G21D Photo)
Features on each member of the 1990 Buffalo Bisons, AAA affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Players are as included in that year's team set, as well as interviews with two of the players. Click on the player's name to read more.

Interviews (2)
1 - Dann Bilardello, Respect the Game
Dann Bilardello stuck with it, and he returned to the majors.
2 - Hugh Kemp, Lessons Learned
Lessons learned from his father helped get Hugh Kemp a step away from the majors.

1990 Buffalo Bisons (27)
1 - Stan Belinda, No Comparison
Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Stan Belinda played in two more seasons.
2 - Dann Bilardello, Big Moment
Dann Bilardello hit his first major league home run off Tom Seaver. He ended up hitting 18 over eight major league seasons.
3 - Jackie Brown, Eyes Open
Jackie Brown came in with his eyes open, coached in the majors for three teams.
4 - Kevin Burdick, Crushed Everything
Kevin Burdick took a foul ball off his face - while sitting in the dugout. He never made the majors.
5 - Steve Carter, Felt Good
Steve Carter homered in his sixth major league game. He had hit three total to that point in the minors.
6 - Wes Chamberlain, Played Hard
Wes Chamberlain went out, had fun and played hard. He did so for six major league seasons.
7 - Terry Collins, Life in Baseball
Terry Collins has spent his life in baseball. He never made the majors as a player, but made the bigs three times as manager.
8 - Jeff Cook, Notable Exception
Jeff Cook needed help for one home run, then hit few others. He never made the bigs.
9 - Gordon Dillard, Reasonable Success
Gordon Dillard didn't throw strikes in his major league debut. He only got into seven major league games.
10 - Steve Henderson, His Confidence
Steve Henderson took his philosophy of hitting from playing to coaching.
11 - Mark Huismann, Way to Break in
Mark Huismann endured repeated car troubles to make his major league debut. He also helped the Royals win.
12 - Hugh Kemp, Big Story
Hugh Kemp got credit for 1983 college win, striking out 11. He played eight seasons as a pro, never made the majors.
13 - Steve Kiefer, Everything Hit
Steve Kiefer played in six major league seasons, his last was hit by calamity.
14 - Scott Little, Each Chance
Scott Little took each chance as it came. His major league chances were limited to three games.
15 - Scott Medvin, Best Shot
Scott Medvin had enough bulldog in him to make the majors in three seasons with the Pirates and Mariners.
16 - Orlando Merced, Pain and Gain
Orlando Merced looked forward to the 1991 playoffs with the Pirates. He played in 13 major league seasons.
17 - Armando Moreno, One Game
Armando Moreno made the majors for one game. He never played and he never got back.
18 - Vicente Palacios, He Did
Vicente Palacios was called unbelievable in a 1988 game. He played in eight major league seasons.
19 - Tom Prince, Clean Hit
Tom Prince took a clean hit in 1995. It sent him to the hospital. He played two decades and later managed.
20 - Rick Reed, Another Chance
Rick Reed earned another chance at the majors late in his career. He played in 15 major league seasons.
21 - Jeff Richardson, Family Man
Jeff Richardson made his decision based on his family, that his 10-year career, three major league seasons was at its end.
22 - Mark Ross, Got to Stay
Mark Ross overcame expectations to return to the Pirates in 1990. It was the end of a six-season major league career.
23 - Mark Ryal, Been Around
Mark Ryal could sit and stay ready. It was a role he'd proven to be good at.
24 - Danny Sheaffer, Uniform to Wear
Danny Sheaffer just wanted a uniform to put on. He did so in seven major league seasons.
25 - Tommy Shields, The Point
Tommy Shields was beyond excited after making the majors in 1993. He stayed 20 games and he never got back.
26 - Dorn Taylor, As Good
Dorn Taylor's first major league win felt almost as good as when he got called up.
27 - Mike York, New Start
Mike York dried out, swore off alcohol and made it to the major leagues.

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