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Monday, January 27, 2014

Gil Garrido, Can't Wait - 2366

Gil Garrido first made the majors in his fifth pro season. He didn't get another to his ninth. By the time his career was over, Garrido had seen time in six major league seasons.

In spring 1972, Garrido told The Palm Beach Post about his efforts to get there, and stay there.

"When they call you, you've got to be ready," Garrido told The Post. "You've got to take advantage when you get the chance. I work in every position to stay in shape. When you come in off the bench, you've got to do the job. You can't wait for tomorrow."

Garrido spoke to The Post as he prepared for the 1972 season, and his sixth season in the bigs. He played just one more season as a pro. Later, he had a brief career as a coach and scout.

Garrido's career began in 1960, signed by the Giants as an undrafted free agent out of his native Panama.

With the Giants, Garrido started at Class-D Artesia and Class-C Fresno. In 1961, he made AAA Tacoma. He nit .247 that year and the next. He played at Tacoma almost exclusively through 1965.

Garrido got his first look at the majors in 1964, 14 games in San Francisco. He picked up two hits in 25 at bats.

Garrido moved to the Braves in a 1966 trade. He then returned to the majors in 1968, getting 18 games with Atlanta. In 1969, Garrido got into 82 games.

In 1970, he got into 101 games. He also hit .264, with one home run and 19 RBI. He hit that home run in a May game, a two-run shot.

"I hit it pretty good but I wasn't sure it was out," Garrido told The Associated Press. "When I got to the dugout, everybody was laughing. They told me they were going to faint."

That home run ended up being his only home run in the majors.

Garrido returned to the Braves for 79 games in 1971, hitting .216. He then played one more season in 1972, with 40 final games and a .267 average.

Garrido's career then ended in 1973, with a season at AAA Richmond. Years later, he served as a coach for the single-A Burlington Braves in 1990, but never made the bigs as a coach. He has also been credited as being a scout.
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