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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Scott Faurot, Outside Pitch - 21

Diamond Bar High School hitter Scott Faurot came to bat in the second inning of this 1985 game and delivered the key hit, The Los Angeles Times wrote.

Faurot did so by knocking a double deep over the left fielder's head, plating two, according to The Times.

"He was playing me the same way every team does," Faurot told The Times. "I'm a pull hitter, but I got an outside pitch, made good contact and got a lucky break."

Faurot apparently went on from Diamond Bar to Cal-Poly Pomona and to a brief career as a trainer before going on to other pursuits.

The trainer Faurot served as the trainer at short-season Yakima in the Dodgers organization. A direct connection between the trainer Faurot and the Diamond Bar player couldn't be found, but it appears they are the same.

According to his Yakima card, Fauro attended Pomona and served as a student trainer in 1986 and 1987. He's credited as serving as a trainer with the Los Angeles Rams in 1989 before joining the Dodgers at Yakima for 1990.

(His card also included a joke about his training particulars, that he taped right and cut left.)

After Yakima, Faurot appears to have gone elsewhere as he doesn't appear listed as a trainer in subsequent years.
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