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Saturday, July 18, 2015

2015 Hall of Fame Classic Photos

Steve Avery delivers a pitch to Homer Bush at the 2015 Hall of Fame Classic
My wife and I try to get to the Hall of Fame Classic each year in Cooperstown. It's not that far of a drive and it's fun. Since the switch in format to a game involving retired players, it's been interesting, especially for this project.

My favorite story involved the 2011 Hall of Fame Classic. It was the final Classic for Dick Williams, who passed away a few weeks later. It also came the summer after my interview with Rick Lancellotti, who had some great stories, including one involving Williams. Lancellotti was included in that game.

I've even gotten a couple interviews out of the Classic. I did a quick follow-up interview with Lancellotti. I also did a full interview with Todd Haney by phone afterward, using pictures from the game. This year, I was fortunate enough to interview Eddie Taubensee by phone afterward.  I posted that interview using a bunch of photos from the 2015 game.

The 2015 game took place in May. But I have a bunch of other photos from the game. I tried to focus on Taubensee, but there were other players featured here. I got pictures of them, too. Maybe someday I'll get to interview them and I'll have pictures ready to go.

This year's game included Taubensee, Steve Avery, Vinny Castilla, Travis Fryman and Ivan Rodriguez, all of whom have been featured here or will be featured here (Rodriguez). The full list of players.

My wife and I sat in the outfield. I have a good zoom on my camera, so it wasn't so bad. I see that Phungo over at was also there. His pictures: Snapshots.

Here are some more of mine. Maybe I'll be using a few in future interviews?

Also some links:
Travis Fryman pitching to Bobby Abreu during the home run contest. (Greatest 21 Days)
Phil Niekro pitching to Vinny Castilla during the home run contest. (Greatest 21 Days)
Ron Cey, No. 10, during pre-game activities. (Greatest 21 Days)
Preparing for the National Anthem. (Greatest 21 Days)
Warmups: Eddie Taubensee, Mark Loretta  and Jack Wilson. (Greatest 21 Days)
Eddie Taubensee running with Bobby Abreu before the game. (Greatest 21 Days)

Roy Oswalt delivers a pitch to Rick Ankiel at the 2015 Hall of Fame Classic in Cooperstown. (Greatest 21 Days)

Steve Avery looks in to catcher Charles Johnson. At bat is Ivan Rodriguez. (Greatest 21 Days)
Ivan Rodriguez on first base with Eddie Taubensee playing first. (Greatest 21 Days)
Ivan Rodriguez on second with Steve Avery on the mound. (Greatest 21 Days)
Rick Ankiel in the outfield. (Greatest 21 Days)
Brady Anderson in the Doubleday Field outfield. (Greatest 21 Days)

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