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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steve Smith's Amazing Race: Race Force

Steve Smith and his daughter Allie are turning into a force in the race. Last week, they finished in second place for the second week in a row. They're going for another leg tonight at 8/7 c on CBS.

Of course, last weeks' leg had what they referred to as the "perfect challenge" for the CMC setter Smith, a beer drinking challenge. But the extra scenes on from last week's episode help show why they've done so well: The daughter and the major league baseball coach, who is notable for his on-field tirades, - they're just nice people.

In one, they're discussing the "all nighter" they're in, driving to the next challenge. Steve notes they can sleep later. Frequently teams can get testy on lack of sleep. They're having a discussion where Allie says she's never done an all nighter. The dad says he's pulled a lot them.

Then they realize, she's talking about studying. He's talking about partying.

"That means I wasn't studying all night," Allie said. "I tried to get it done early."

The pleased dad just says what a "good girl" he has.

Then there's what could be the key to their success: being nice. Steve talks in the other video about asking locals if they speak English, finding several, including one from Long Beach, right down the street from their California home.

Steve notes that's what makes up for their lack of language skills, knowing only one. Then he adds that the language he does speak, English, he doesn't even speak that one very well.

Steve Smith Tally
Steve Smith: Amazing Manager
Episode 1, LA to Chile: Fourth Place
Episode 2, Chile: Seventh Place
Episode 3, Chili to Argentina: Second Place
Episode 4, Argentina to Germany: Second Place
Episode 5, Germany to France: Second Place
Episode 6, France: Third Place
Episode 7, France to the Seychelles: First Place
Episode 8, Seychelles to Malaysia: Eliminated

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