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Friday, January 21, 2022

Scott Serbin served as a Sarasota White Sox batboy; Later got into local music

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune looked back on Michael Jordan's 1994 spring with the White Sox and one of the people they asked for recollections from was White Sox batboy Scott Serbin.

Serbin described the atmosphere as circus-like, according to The Herald-Tribune.

"They talk about it being a circus and it was," Serbin told The Herald-Tribune. "Every day, some big name — Charles Barkley, Ahmad Rashad — would be hanging out in the clubhouse after the game. To be honest, I think some of the Major League players were star-struck, also."

The Herald-Tribune spoke to Serbin 20 years after Jordan played with the White Sox and identified Serbin simply as a former batboy.

Serbin started as a Sarasota batboy by 1990. That year, he shared a card with fellow batboy Daniel Flath.

Serbin then continued on in a batboy capacity through 1994, the year Jordan came to town. He appears in team photos in both 1990 and 1992, photos each sponsored by Serbin Printing.

Since his batboy days, Serbin appears to have gone on to a career in music and country music club owner in the Sarasota area.

Serbin is described in one 2015 article as being born and raised in Sarasota. He learned the guitar in high school and soon began performing. That Scott Serbin later performed with a band called "Cleanser" and then "The Daisy Dukes Band," according to Siesta Sand.

Then, in 2019, he and a fellow musician purchased and reopened Joyland, a closed country music venue in Sarasota where he had previously played with the Dukes, according to The Suncoast Post

Neither Siesta Sand, nor The Post identified Serbin as a former Sarasota White Sox batboy, but The Post identified him as part of the Serbin Printing family - the same company that sponsored the Sarasota White Sox team photos.

"We missed this place as much as the rest of the Joyland crowd and we want it to feel like home to them again," Serbin said upon purchasing the venue, according to South Florida Country Music. "We can't wait to bring it back along with some incredible entertainment from national and regional acts on a regular basis, up and coming super stars, and to support the best in local country music."

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