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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Philadelphia Phillies minor leaguers

Features on each of the 1990 Philadelphia Phillies minor leaguers


  • AAA - Scranton/Wilkes Barre Red Barons (27)
  • AA - Reading Phillies (29)
  • High-A - Clearwater Phillies (28)
  • Single-A - Spartanburg Phillies (31)
  • Short-Season - Batavia Clippers (32)
  • Rookie - Martinsville Phillies (34)

Scranton/Wilkes Barre Red Barons (27)
1 - Jim Adduci, Rather Be
Jim Adduci deserved a chance, he took that chance to time in four big league seasons.
2 - Sal Agostinelli, Watching Baseball
Sal Agostinelli enjoyed watching baseball anywhere, he's now doing so as longtime scout with the Phillies.
3 - Eric Boudreaux, More Comfortable
Eric Boudreaux kept his team in the game, earning a few more starts. He didn't earn himself a trip to the majors.
4 - Bill Dancy, Playing Hard
Bill Dancy thought he was a player's manager, but one that gave butt kickings if needed.
5 - Marvin Freeman, Fine Arm
Marvin Freeman spent time in 10 major league seasons, coming in fourth in the Cy Young voting in one.
6 - Todd Frohwirth, More Excited
Todd Frohwirth didn't have time to think of the first major league batter he faced: Andre Dawson. He also picked up the win.
7 - John Gibbons, Player's Coach
John Gibbons' career began as a first-round pick, but he only was able to manage 18 games in the bigs.
8 - Jason Grimsley, Unnatural Pitching
Jason Grimsley sometimes appeared to throw unnaturally. Turned out, he sometimes did.
9 - Kelly Heath, Drawing Comparisons
Kelly Heath made the majors in 1982 and got a single at bat. He was still playing eight years later, never got back to the bigs.
10 - Ron Jones, Sense of Competitiveness
Ron Jones' career was cut short due to knee injuries. His life was cut short by natural causes.
11 - Chris Knabenshue, Out There
Chris Knabenshue needed a game like he had in 1986. It wasn't enough to make bigs in 10 seasons as a pro.
12 - Greg Legg, Take Advantage
Greg Legg took advantage of his opportunities to make bigs in two seasons, long coaching career, all with the ‪‎Phillies‬.

13 - Chuck Malone, Benefit of the Doubt
Chuck Malone might have been jittery in his major league debut, walking home a run. He pitched in just six more games.
14 - Keith Miller, Big Hit
Keith Miller's first major league hit keyed a Phillies win. He played in two big league seasons.
15 - Brad Moore, Worked Out
Brad Moore was excited to be in the majors. He ultimately played in just eight major league games.
16 - Mickey Morandini, Reckless Abandon
Mickey Morandini signed with the Phillies and went out and did what he always did, hit.
17 - Dickie Noles, Wasn't Awed
Dickie Noles wasn't awed by the majors or the World Series. He was later humbled by addiction.
18 - Barney Nugent, Caring Guy
Barney Nugent helped tend to the San Francisco Giants for 11 seasons as an assistant trainer.
19 - Floyd Rayford, Opposite Field
Floyd Rayford told his players to hit to the opposite field. He has done so in a long coaching career.
20 - Wally Ritchie, Tough Situations
Wally Ritchie threw the pitches he could throw, he did so in four major league seasons.
21 - Victor Rosario, Develop the Bat
Victor Rosario had the tools to make majors, and made it with the Braves. He stayed a month.
22 - Bob Scanlan, His Role
Bob Scanlan tried to concentrate in major league debut, threw seven good innings. He played in nine seasons.
23 - Scott Service, Well-Traveled
Scott Service was well-traveled. He played on nine major league clubs over 12 major league seasons.
24 - Steve Sharts, Went Back
Steve Sharts tried to adjust his delivery, but it wasn't enough for him to make the majors.
25 - Steve Stanicek, Take Advantage
Steve Stanicek dreamed about making the majors. He made it for 13 games.
26 - Jim Vatcher, Only Goal
Jim Vatcher never thought he'd be good enough for the majors. He was.
27 - Jim Wright, Good Tip
Jim Wright knew what arm problems were like. He lost two seasons to arm problems, then helped pitchers return.

Reading Phillies (29)
1 - Sal Agostinelli, Watching Baseball
Sal Agostinelli enjoyed watching baseball anywhere. He's now doing so as a scout with the Phillies.
2 - Gary Alexander, Well-Rounded
Gary Alexander went on from a seven-season pro career to a career as a high school coach.  
3 - Andy Ashby, Wasn't Worried
Andy Ashby wasn't worried about getting his first major league win. He went on to get 97 others.
4 - Ramon Aviles, Making Decisions
Ramon Aviles liked the decision-making challenge that managing brought.
5 - Bob Ayrault, Time Will Come
Bob Ayrault believed his time would come and it did. He made two major league seasons.  
6 - Kim Batiste, Big Bat
Kim Batiste's error in the NLCS led to the tying run. His single led to the game-winner.
7 - Frank Bellino, In There
Frank Bellino liked to play. It didn't matter how. He played eight seasons, but not in the bigs.
8 - Eric Boudreaux, More Comfortable
Eric Boudreaux kept his team in the game, earning a few more minors starts. He never saw the bigs.
9 - Cliff Brantley, Natural Thing
Cliff Brantley pitched well in his major league debut, he was just nervous.
10 - Rich Buonantony, Dad's Job
Rich Buonantony's father would have quit his job if the son had made the majors.
11 - Amalio Carreno, Compared To
Amalio Carreno worked on his pitches. He made the majors for three games.
12 - Fred Christopher, Paid Off
Fred Christopher worked on his control. It paid off at short-season, but he never got to the bigs.
13 - George Culver, Best Situation
George Culver coached in the minors. He threw a no-hitter in the majors.
14 - Marty Foley, Other Nights

Marty Foley had a bad night. But he had others to prove himself. He never made the bigs.
15 - Jeff Grotewold, Fun Run
Jeff Grotewold hit four major league home runs total. Three came on consecutive nights.
16 - David Holdridge, Which Way
David Holdridge worked on throwing strikes to make the bigs. He made it in his 11th pro season.
17 - Vince Holyfield, Good Plays
Vince Holyfield played good defense in a 1988 game. He played six seasons, but not in the majors.
18 - Steve Kirkpatrick, Waited For

Steve Kirkpatrick had new-found patience in 1990. He never made the majors.
19 - Doug Lindsey, No Joke

Doug Lindsey didn't believe his call to the Phillies in 1991. He'd already gone home.
20 - Warren Magee, Winter Roster
Warren Magee impressed at AA enough to make the 40-man winter roster. He never made bigs.
21 - Tom Marsh, Goose Bumps
Tom Marsh hit his first major league grand slam, then got goose bumps listening to the replay.
22 - Tim Mauser, Best Outing
Tim Mauser threw a no-hitter in the minors. He made the majors as a reliever.
23 - Don McCormack, Grabbed Him

Don McCormack assessed players in the minors after briefly making the bigs as a player.
24 - John McLarnan, Any Other

John McLarnan got ready quick in a 1988 game at AAA. He played seven seasons as a pro, but not in the majors.
25 - Rod Robertson, New Scenery
Rod Robertson hoped the new scenery would help him to the majors. He played 10 seasons, but he never made it.
26 - Mark Sims, Proven Winner

Mark Sims played eight seasons as a pro, but all in the minors. He's now a high school coach.
27 - Casey Waller, Get Better
Casey Waller kept it positive when he was sent down to AA. He never got sent up to the majors.
28 - Gary Wilson, Abbreviated Climb
Gary Wilson made AAA in four seasons. He didn't make it higher.
29 - Floyd Youmans, Happened To
Floyd Youmans had a big year in 1986, but he was slowed by off-field issues.

Clearwater Phillies (28)

Spartanburg Phillies (31)
1 - Brian Adams, Nine Times
Brian Adams's name still appears in his college's record book nine times. He played two seasons as pro. 
2 - Dana Brown, Baseball Man: Named Blue Jays special assistant to the GM, Dana Brown was called a 'great baseball man.'
3 - Buzz Capra, In A Groove
Buzz Capra found himself in a groove for the Braves in 1974. He later became a coach in the minors for the Phillies.
4 - Tim Churchill, Hitting Streak
Tim Churchill had a 34-game hitting streak in college. His pro career lasted just three seasons.
5 - Matt Current, More Proud
Matt Current couldn't have been more proud of his team in 2005. He was a coach for a team of 10-year-olds.
6 - Donnie Elliott, In Shock
Donnie Elliott debuted as a starter, then played the rest of his major league time as a reliever.
7 - John Escobar, Bald Power
John Escobar used 'bald power' to help win a 1993 game. He couldn't use it to get himself to the majors.
8 - Paul Fletcher, Pretty Amazing
Paul Fletcher could hardly describe the feeling of his major league debut. He played in three major league seasons.
9 - Robert Gaddy, Breaking Ball
Robert Gaddy had early success at AA in 1993, but he couldn't build on that to get him to the majors.
10 - Darrell Goedhart, Three Pitches
Darrell Goedhart had enough pitches to extend his career to 10 seasons, not enough to make the majors.
11 - Todd Goergen, Few Fireworks
Todd Goergen saw fireworks after a late-career start. His career itself had few fireworks left.
12 - Greg Gunderson, Gameday Decision
Greg Gunderson helped Mark Mulder become a top pitcher at Michigan State. He kept in touch.
13 - Tom Hardgrove, Great Approach
Tom Hardgrove won part of his collegiate league's home run record. He couldn't turn that into a long pro career.
14 - Ricky Jones, Common Dream
Ricky Jones realized his dream, played as a pro for nine seasons. He played in the majors for part of one.
15 - Chris Limbach, Best Pitch
Chris Limbach's best pitch was his curve, but it wasn't good enough to get him above AA.
16 - Antonio Linares, Couldn't Wait
Antonio Linares could handle the curve, but not men on base. He never made it out of single-A.
17 - Tom Marsh, Goose Bumps
Tom Marsh hit his first major league grand slam, then got goose bumps listening to the replay.
18 - Eduardo Ortega, Good Month
Eduardo Ortega had a good month in 1989 at Batavia, but he couldn't translate that into a good career.
19 - Eulogio Perez, Scored Easily
Eulogio Perez scored easily on a 1990 misplayed ball. His career wasn't as easy. It lasted just three seasons.
20 - Mel Roberts, Got There
Mel Roberts finally made the majors in 1992 with the Phillies as a coach, after three decades in the game.
21 - Nick Santa Cruz, Sophomore Season
Nick Santa Cruz' college season was enough to get him a pro contract. But he never saw the majors.
22 - Dan Shannon, Pitching Career
Dan Shannon tried his hand at pitching. It went about as well as his fielding. He never made the majors.
23 - Matt Stevens, Some Excitement
Matt Stevens joked that he wanted excitement in the game. He couldn't get enough to get to the majors.
24 - Craig Strobel, Athletic Training
Craig Strobel took care of injuries and helped prevent them.
25 - Mike Sullivan, Lesson Learned
Mike Sullivan learned his lesson in his second pro season. He couldn't take that lesson to the majors.
26 - Joe Urbon, Straight Shooter
Agent Joe Urbon earned the respect of one GM, and also clients. His own playing career was brief.
27 - Gil Valencia, His Shot
Gil Valencia wanted to take his shot. He took it, but he never made the majors.
28 - Dan Welch, Doubled Off
Dan Welch's career was a short one, just two seasons in the Phillies organization. He never got above single-A.
29 - Bob Wells, Best Impression: Bob Wells did his best Randy Johnson impression in 1996 - he threw a complete-game shutout.
30 - Scott Wiegandt, Enjoy Most
Scott Wiegandt played at the same school where he now serves as athletic director. He played a decade in the minors, never made the bigs.
31 - Rick Zolzer, Utmost Passion
Rick Zolzer has done many things, but his passion has been for the Hudson Valley Renegades.

1990 Batavia Clippers (32)
  1. Carlos Arroyo, Great Impact
  2. Al Baur, Last Chance
  3. Steve Bieser, Danced Around
  4. Dave Cash, Helped Them
  5. Ismael Cruz, International Signings
  6. Elliott Gray, Good Week
  7. Rob Hartwig, Went Back
  8. Eric Hill, Good Team
  9. Charlie Hurst, Spot Start
  10. John Ingram, Chance Encounter
  11. Jeff Jackson, Had Confidence
  12. Tom Jones, Record Book
  13. Erik Judson, At Everything
  14. Stewart Lovdal, Picked Up
  15. Steve McGovern, Pitching Strength
  16. Mike Montgomery, Work Horse
  17. Gary Morgan, Quick Hands
  18. R.A. Neitzel, Rare Feat
  19. Tom Nuneviller, Positive Attitude
  20. Mike Owens, Some Turns
  21. Steve Parris, Tougher Things
  22. Porfirio Pena, Phillies Signee
  23. Eulogio Perez, Scored Easily
  24. Ryan Ridenour, Hardest Thing
  25. Dave Ross, Crackling Slider
  26. Sean Ryan, Good Eye
  27. Jim Savage, Tie Breaker
  28. Tony Scott, Switch Hitter
  29. Willie Smith, This Headache
  30. Gil Valencia, His Shot
  31. Rich Walker, No Fuss
  32. Mike Williams, Got Relaxed

Martinsville Phillies (34)
1 - David Agado, Best Performance
David Agado helped pitch his college team to a title.
2 - Chad Anderson, Extra Pitch
Chad Anderson added an extra pitch, but he didn't make the bigs.
3 - German Arias, Didn't Advance
German Arias didn't advance through the minors, or to the minors.
4 - Bob Badacour, All Conference
Bob Badacour made his college all-conference team.
5 - Gary Bennett, One Thing
Gary Bennett couldn't pinpoint what changed.
6 - Jeff Borgese, Other Sport
Jeff Borgese helped his high school football team and his coach to a section title.
7 - Derek Botelho, Good Pitch
Derek Botelho threw good pitches. He coached them later.
8 - William Carmona, Go-Ahead
William Carmona helped give his rookie ball team a lead in 1991.
9 - Darren Cooper, The Rest
Darren Cooper did the rest for his college team in a big win.
10 - David Croak, College Accolade
David Croak won the outstanding pitcher award at his college.
11 - Roly DeArmas, Father Hen
Roly DeArmas believed a rookie-ball manager was like being a father hen.
12 - Ray Domecq, Team Slogan
Ray Domecq made his mark on the bigs a decade after he last played.
13 - Mike Farmer, In Awe
Mike Farmer made the majors and he was in awe.
14 - Lamar Foster, Lucky One
Lamar Foster felt like he was one of the lucky ones.
15 - Pete Freeman, Preserved Win
Pete Freeman helped preserve a Legion win. He played one pro season.
16 - Antonio Grissom, Signed Him
Antonio Grissom played, scouted and instructed.
17 - Darren Hedley, The Rest
Darren Hedley wasn't among those from his college to make bigs.
18 - Bill Higgins, College Asset
Bill Higgins pitched well in college. He played one season as a pro.
19 - Maurice Hines, Playoff Wins
Maurice Hines helped his high school to two playoff wins.
20 - Robbie Kamerschen, Dog Pile
Robbie Kamerschen made it to a pitcher's mound dog pile.
21 - Gary Lance, Picked Up
Gary Lance's pro career was brief - a single game.
22 - Mike Lieberthal, His Mark
Mike Lieberthal made his mark with the Phillies.
23 - Facaner Medina, Spelled Right
Facaner Medina had to wait two seasons for his correct name.
24 - Patricio Medina, Very Quick
Patricio Medina came from a quick country. His career was also quick.
25 - Rick Meyer, Different Call
Rick Meyer answered a different call and it almost got him killed.
26 - J.J. Munoz, Something New
J.J. Munoz was pleased at a coaching chance in in his eighth season.
27 - Mike Murphy, Own Momentum
Mike Murphy gave his single-A team momentum in 1993.
28 - Jorge Pascual, In Time
Jorge Pascual made it to Aquinas Junior College just in time.
29 - Francisco Rosario, First Flight
Francisco Rosario's first flight led to his only season as a pro.
30 - Dagoberto Tapia, Only Information
Dagoberto Tapia showed up with the Martinsville Phillies, but he never played.
31 - Domingo Tejada, Photo Day
Domingo Tejada arrived in time for photo day. He didn't stay long.
32 - Terry Tewell, Seemed Right
Terry Tewell chose the pro option. He never made AA.
33 - Alberto Vicente, Important Point
Alberto Vicente explained why Dominicans were so skinny.
34 - Winston Wheeler, Took Deep
Winston Wheeler played a single season as a pro.

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