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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tom Nuneviller, Positive Attitude - 3082

Talking to his hometown Allentown Morning Call in 1997, Tom Nuneviller was finally coming to the realization that his career was over.

He'd played baseball, and gotten paid for it, for six seasons. He never made the majors, but he did make AAA. Now, though, it appeared to be time for something else.

"God has a plan for everyone," Nuneviller told The Morning Call. "Apparently, baseball wasn't the plan for me. There's something in store for me, and now I have to find out what it is."

What was in store for Nuneviller was a new career as a high school teacher and high school baseball coach, at Pennridge High School in Pennsylvania.

It was the same high school that Nuneviller got his start at in the 1980s, moving on to West Chester University and then to the pros.

Nuneviller's professional career began in 1990, taken by the Phillies in the fifth round of the draft, out of West Chester.

Nuneviller was selected with the recommendation of Phillies area scout Joe Reilly, Reilly writing a report to the team that Nuneviller would make the majors, according to The Philadelphia Daily News.

"He's got a big-league bat," Reilly told The Daily News. "Any time I see a bat like his and don't like it, there has to be something wrong with me. And I've never seen a better two-strike hitter."

With the Phillies, Nuneviller started at short-season Batavia, hitting .232 in 71 games. He moved to high-A Clearwater for 1991, hitting .272 there over 124 games.

Then the injuries came. He moved to AA Reading for 1992, but played in just 47 games. By July, he had blown out his knee, undergoing reconstructive surgery.

"I'm disappointed, but I'm trying to keep positive," Nuneviller told The Morning Call. "I just hope to work hard and come back stronger than ever."

Nuneviller came back for 71 games in 1993 back at Reading, then played 129 games in 1994 between Reading and AAA Scranton. At Scranton, Nuneviller hit .259 over 80 games.

He then played his final games in 1995, after another injury, a torn ACL in the spring. He made it back for 12 games at high-A Clearwater, ending his career.

By 2003, Nuneviller was a high school teacher and baseball coach at his old school Pennridge High. In 2011, he spoke with The Montgomery News about the success of his program, and the importance of attitude.

"We've been fortunate to have talented kids while I've been coaching," Nuneviller told The News. "They come up and know how to play the game very well. I try to keep them focused on playing as a team. I say every year attitude is the most important thing. When the attitude is right we are usually successful."
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