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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ryan Ridenour, Hardest Thing - 3069

His first professional season complete, Ryan Ridenour spoke to his hometown Bend Bulletin about life in the minors and his hopes for the future.

His life in the minors, Ridenour told The Bulletin, included sitting on the bench, waiting his turn. His future seemed to depend on getting through that present.

"I think that's the hardest thing to deal with - the mental part," Ridenour told The Bulletin. "You have to keep yourself positive and it's hard to do at times."

As it turned out, Ridenour's future from that point wouldn't involve baseball. That season in the low minors with the Phillies turned out to be his only season as a pro.

Ridenour signed with the Phillies that year as a 30th round pick out of Oregon Institute of Technology. He went there out of Bend High School in Bend, Ore.

In Bend, Ridenour helped his summer league team to the 1987 a tournament title, going 3 for 3 in the semifinals and then knocking in six in the championship game.

At Bend High Schol, Ridenour helped his team to the conference playoffs that spring. To The Bulletin in April, Ridenour talked about being a catcher.

"I love it," Ridenour told The Bulletin. "You're always in the middle of the action, always in control."

From there, Ridenour went to college, then turned pro. With the Phillies in 1990, Ridenour played at short-season Batavia. He got into 32 games, hitting .235, with one home run. His first season ended up being his last season as a pro, Ridenour not getting into a game in 1991.
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