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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Erik Judson, At Everything - 3072

As San Diego opened its new stadium in 2004, Erik Judson explained to The San Diego Union-Tribune how exactly the stadium's configuration came to be, including the inclusion of the Western Metal Supply building.

The former Phillies farmhand and San Diego native did so as the Padres' vice president of development, one of the main planners, according to The Union-Tribune.

"Not only did it give us what we wanted from inside the ballpark, it gave the city an added bonus from the outside," Judson told The Union-Tribune of the inclusion of the supply building, "It tied the ballpark to everything else the city is achieving in the area." 

Judson returned home to San Diego and the Padres after a brief career as a player in the minors, and after going back to school to get his masters degree. 

Judson has gone on to be a principal in a sports management and consulting firm focusing on facility development and operations.

Before all that, though, Judson was a player, taken by the Phillies in the 31st round, out of the University of California, San Diego.

With the Phillies, Judson started at short-season Batavia, hitting .258 over 55 games. He hit two home runs, knocking in 23.

For 1991, Judson moved to single-A Spartanburg, hitting .209 over 82 games. He picked up a sacrifice fly in a May game. It was his final season as a pro.

Judson's playing career over, he went back to school, picking up a master of business administration from San Diego State University. By 1996, Judson was with the Padres, hired to manage the design and development of the team's new ballpark, according to his consulting firm bio.

About his role in putting together Petco Park, Judson told The Union-Tribune there were many things to think about.

"I never tried to play architect or construction boss," Judson told The Union-Tribune. "I had to test in my mind everything that was going on from the views of the fans, the players, the people of San Diego and the Padres. My job was to look at everything time and time again."

Judson has since gone on to JMI Sports, serving as principal with the firm. Among the other projects on his resume has been Goodyear Ballpark, now spring home to both the Reds and the Indians.

In 2009, Judson told The Union-Tribune about the thinking behind Goodyear Ballpark, making it look different from other spring training facilities in Arizona.

"Often there is just stucco buildings – put in some seats and wrap a berm out there and that's it," Judson told The Union-Tribune. "We wanted to take a big-league approach to developing a Cactus League facility."
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