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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Road Trip: Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame

Members of the 2015 Wareham Gatemen browse the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame in July 2015. (Greatest 21 Days)
HYANNIS, MA. - Sometimes the middle of winter can be the best time to revisit the summer. Sometimes your wife can spot something cool that you didn't even think to look for.

Back in July, my wife and I traveled to Cape Cod. It marked our third trip to the cape, but our first during baseball season.

We ventured to Hyannis on this trip, bringing our bikes. We also planned to attend a Harbor Hawks game and our hotel was within biking distance of the field.

As we're biking through downtown, past what I'm thinking is solely a John F. Kennedy museum, my wife spots a bat and a sign: Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame.

Our bike trip quickly went on pause and we went inside. It had everything you could want from a legendary league Hall of Fame. It soon even had an actual team.

We got to look around for a bit (or I did, I think my wife waited elsewhere). But then the Wareham Gatemen stopped by. Hyannis' very opponent that evening, Wareham.

It turns out the team stopped by to see the Cape Cod League greats on their way to the game.

So I got to get pictures of some cool Hall exhibits that include players featured here and see some Wareham players viewing tales of the league's best.

(Also from this larger trip came my interview with former Cape Cod League hurler Steve McCarthy: Steve McCarthy, All Clicked)

Our visit to the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame: (Links go to the player's feature)

Eric Wedge, 2011 inductee. (Greatest 21 Days)
A display case, including a Tim Salmon card. (Greatest 21 Days)
Top center is a photo and card of Pat Pacillo. (Greatest 21 Days)
A Casey Close display. Note his 1990 ProCards card. (Greatest 21 Days)
The 1984 Harwich Mariners, center right, including Casey Close, Scott Kamieniecki, Gar Millay and Matt Merullo. (Greatest 21 Days)
Wareham Gatemen at the Cape Cod League Hall of Fame. (Greatest 21 Days)
Wareham Gatemen at the Wareham case. (Greatest 21 Days)
At the Wareham case. (Greatest 21 Days)
The Gatemen case. Note the Seton Hall brochure top center depicting Mo Vaughn. (Greatest 21 Days)
Frank Thomas (Greatest 21 Days)
Dave Staton (Greatest 21 Days)

Mike Loggins
Jeff Innis
Chuck Knoblauch

The Gatemen and the Hall. (Greatest 21 Days)

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