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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1990 Kansas City Royals minor leaguers

Features on each member of the 1990 Kansas City Royals farm system


  • AAA - Omaha Royals (29)
  • AA - Memphis Chicks (28)
  • High-A - Baseball City Royals (31)
  • Single-A - Appleton Foxes (29)
  • Short-Season - Eugene Emeralds (30)

1990 Omaha Royals (29)
1 - Jay Baller, Made Adjustments
Jay Baller came back from a mysterious illness to return to the majors. He played in six major league seasons.
2 - Kevin Burrell, A Passion
Kevin Burrell relaxed, hit a minors game-winner. He later became a scout. 
3 - Ray Chadwick, Without a Win
Ray Chadwick got seven major league starts for the Angels in 1986. He lost five of them, won none of them. He never got back.
4 - Dera Clark, Good Job
Dera Clark's pro career spanned a decade, including seven seasons in the Royals system. He never made the majors.
5 - Luis de los Santos, Every Night
Luis de los Santos thought about getting back to the majors every night. He made it back.
6 - Rich Dubee, Four Aces
Rich Dubee knew even with a top Phillies pitching staff, they still had to pitch.

7 - Luis Encarnacion, Down Hill
Luis Encarnacion made it to the majors in 1990 with the Royals. He was there for only four appearances.
8 - Tony Ferreira, Tight Spin
Tony Ferreira helped David Cone get extra major league time. He also helped himself to two major league appearances.
9 - Pete Filson, Liked to Play
Pete Filson returned to the minors in 1989 for another shot at the majors. He made it back.
10 - Bob Hamelin, Mentally Prepared
Bob Hamelin won Rookie of the Year honors in 1994 with the Royals. He couldn't repeat that success.
11 - Jim LeMasters, Trouble Spot
Jim LeMasters worked as a starter and reliever in the pros. He never got the chance to do either in the majors.
12 - Mike Loggins, Learned French
Mike Loggins learned how to play the Arkansas outfield wall. He then played as a pro for seven seasons. He never made the majors.
13 - Mike Magnante, Numbers Man
Mike Magnante tore up his knee playing basketball. He then came back to make the majors - and teach math.
14 - Chito Martinez, Wrapped Up
Chito Martinez played in parts of three seasons with the Orioles. A season-starting slump soon ended his major league career.
15 - Andy McGaffigan, More Work
Andy McGaffigan hoped to get more work after trades. He finally got it with the Expos.
16 - Bobby Meacham, Developing Consistency
Bobby Meacham continued to be with the Yankees in 1987 and the next year. He ended with six seasons in the bigs.
17 - Russ Morman, Bigger Thrill
Russ Morman picked up two hits in one inning - in his major league debut.
18 - Bill Pecota, Big Lift
Bill Pecota wanted a regular major league role, but a utility one suited him.
19 - Tom Poquette, Learning Task
Tom Poquette's coaching career spanned nearly two decades, including time as Royals hitting coach.
20 - Harvey Pulliam, Kept Running
Harvey Pulliam hit eight home runs in his major league career, two of them came in one game.
21 - Thad Reece, Losing Some
Thad Reese played a decade in the minors, he never made the majors.
22 - Sal Rende, Us Guys
Sal Rende sent players on to the majors. He never got there himself.
23 - Jeff Schulz, Better Feeling
Jeff Schulz played three seasons in the majors, then found a better feeling coaching kids in high school.
24 - Tim Spehr, Don't Break It
Tim Spehr wasn't a home run hitter. He ended up hitting 19 in 363 big league games over eight seasons.
25 - Mel Stottlemyre, Jr., Waited For
Mel Stottlemyre, Jr., waited into his sixth pro season to get his call to the majors.
26 - Gary Thurman, Hurricane Tested
Gary Thurman waited out a hurricane, then went on to play in nine major league seasons.
27 - Mike Tresemer, Inherited Runners
Mike Tresemer inherited runners, then picked up the win. He played five seasons, but not in the bigs.
28 - Bill Wilkinson, Felt Good
Bill Wilkinson got a long-relief win for the Mariners in 1988. He got into three major league seasons.
29 - Paul Zuvella, Relaxed Aggression
Paul Zuvella knew he could play with major leaguers. He eventually played as one in nine seasons.

Memphis Chicks (28)
1 - Pete Alborano, Grand Slam
Pete Alborano played seven seasons in the pros, never made the majors.
2 - Sean Berry, Good Player
Sean Berry knew what his abilities were, enough to see time in 11 major league seasons.
3 - Jim Campbell, High Pitches
Jim Campbell struggled in his first major league start, did better in his second. He never got another.
4 - Scott Centala, Could Throw
Scott Centala took advantage of opportunity to pitch at AA, never had opportunity to pitch in the bigs.
5 - Stu Cole, Paid Off
Stu Cole speaks from experience as both a player and a manager. He went on to speak as a Rockies coach in Colorado.
6 - Victor Cole, Was Relaxed
Victor Cole threw strikes and went after hitters. He did so in eight major league games.
7 - Jeff Conine, Ground Floor
Jeff Conine got in on the ground floor. He then became Mr. Marlin.
8 - Jeff Cox, More Practice
Jeff Cox had plenty of practice, both as a player and as a third base coach.
9 - Andres Cruz, Five Innings
Andres Cruz made the Royals system after a deal with a Mexican club. He played two seasons at AA, never made Kansas City.
10 - Tommy Dunbar, Bad Break
Tommy Dunbar got sent back down. He responded by just trying to show he could play, and get back.
11 - Greg Everson, Big Pitch
Greg Everson couldn't get himself closer to the bigs than AAA. He did get his AAA Royals closer to the 1990 title.
12 - Guy Hansen, How Interested
As a scout, Guy Hansen got the Royals to draft Bret Saberhagen. He later became Royals major league pitching coach.
13 - David Howard, Stay Healthy
David Howard tried to stay healthy, played in nine major league seasons.
14 - Joel Johnston, Did It
Joel Johnston came back from a rough start in 1993 to return to the bigs. He made it there in five seasons.
15 - Kevin Koslofski, Took Off
Kevin Koslofski finally got the concept of hitting at AA. He soon took off to Kansas City.
16 - Frank Laureano, Singular Goal
Frank Laureano just wanted to make the big leagues. He never realized that goal in six seasons as a pro.
17 - Richie LeBlanc, Groundball Pitcher
Richie LeBlanc was a groundball pitcher. He couldn't take that style to a long career in the pros.
18 - Mike Leon, Trainer's Ring
Mike Leon got his World Series ring in 1997 as a AAA trainer with the Marlins.
19 - Carlos Maldonado, Fifth Outing
Carlos Maldonado made the bigs in three seasons with the Royals and Brewers, part of a nine-season pro career.
20 - Brent Mayne, Amateur Psychologist
Brent Mayne practiced his own amateur psychology in 15 major league seasons.
21 - Brian McCormack, In It
Brian McCormack kept his short-season team in the game. He later couldn't get himself in the majors.
22 - Brian McRae, Relaxed and Confident
Brian McRae couldn't hear the crowd after his first hit, his heart was pumping too loud.
23 - Bobby Moore, Next Level
Bobby Moore works in the minors to get players to the next level. He has continued that work.
24 - Jorge Pedre, Pretty Consistent
Jorge Pedre was consistent enough to make the bigs, but not enough to stick.
25 - Brian Peterson, Not Unlike 
Brian Peterson coached for more than a decade, played for four seasons, never made majors.
26 - Kyle Reese, Greate Combination
Kyle Reese has helmed a high school baseball program after a pro career that lasted eight seasons. He never made the bigs.
27 - Doug Nelson, Young Pitcher
Doug Nelson did OK in 1989 with 12 wins. His career soon ended, though, short of the majors.
28 - Hector Wagner, First Win
Hector Wagner got his first major league win in his sixth start. It ended up being his only major league win.

Baseball City Royals (31)
Jose Anglero made AAA early, saw six seasons, missed bigs, 1/28/24
Mike Beall got out of single-A slump, saw three pro seasons, 1/20/24
Jacob Brumfield returned from bad injury to see 7 ML seasons, 1/1/24
Sean Collins played 7 pro seasons, 5 independent, coached, 1/19/24
Huascar DeLeon got key out at Appleton, saw four pro seasons, 1/21/24
Bill Drohan pitched well in high school, saw 4 pro seasons, 12/14/23
Linton Dyer tried different plate approach, saw six seasons, 1/14/24
Mark Farnsworth helped keep players healthy over decades, 2/4/24
Jeff Garber used his work ethic to make AAA, later manage, 1/9/24
Chris Garibaldo got signed in 'danger zone,' saw 3 seasons, 12/13/23
Greg Harvey worked on his mechanics over five pro seasons, 12/23/23
Steve Hoeme picked up confidence at AA, saw nine pro seasons, 12/16/23
Bobby Holley's career spanned decade, made AAA with Mariners, 12/27/23
Brad Hopper got fair shot at Fullerton, saw four pro seasons, 12/17/23
Ron Johnson became the perfect AAA manager, passed in 2021, 1/25/24
Gary Koenig played 2 seasons, later turned high school coach, 1/30/24
Kevin Long missed bigs as player, has seen four WS as coach, 12/30/23
John McCormick saw four pro seasons, made high-A with Royals, 12/29/23
Steve Otto used his stuff to see 3 pro seasons with Royals, 12/26/23
Mark Parnell impressed at tryout, played four pro seasons, 12/20/23
Hipolito Pichardo threw gem as rookie, saw decade in bigs, 1/6/24
Ben Pierce liked pitching in relief, saw four pro seasons, 12/17/23
Brian Poldberg spent career with Royals, managed in hometown, 2/6/24
Darryl Robinson willed his hitters to hit, played 12 seasons, 1/7/24
Kevin Shaw was once a prospect, saw seven seasons, made AA, 1/17/24
Randy Vaughn worked on concentrating over 3 seasons, made AA, 1/31/24
Hugh Walker reminded Royals scouts of Bo, missed majors, 1/10/24
Darren Watkins got hurt, missed chance to impress, made AAA, 1/16/24
Mike Webster got strong in high school, made 2 pro seasons, 1/11/24
Don Wright paid attention to pitches over four pro seasons, 1/13/24

Appleton Foxes (29)
1 - Brian Ahern, Broken Bat
Brian Ahern broke a bat in college - an aluminum bat. He did it with a pitch. He played seven seasons, never made the bigs.
2 - Francisco Baez, Sterling Night
Francisco Baez had a sterling night at Eugene. He played five seasons, never made AA.
3 - Kirk Baldwin, First Outing
Kirk Baldwin picked up Eugene's first win of the year. It was his only win.  
4 - Joe Breeden, Most Important
Joe Breeden learned the fundamentals of catching over a career that's lasted three decades.
5 - Gray Caraballo, Very Strong
Gary Caraballo did his job in eight pro seasons. He later lost, then regained his eyesight.  
6 - John Conner, More Confidence
John Conner hit his pitch limit in single-A game, then got taken out - in the middle of a no-hitter.  
7 - Francisco Garcia, Lead Off
Francisco Garcia did what a lead-off hitter should at single-A. He played just two seasons.
8 - John Gilcrist, Tried Everything
John Gilcrist's team tried everything to break losing streak. Whatever he tried, Gilcrist never made AA.  
9 - Grant Griesser, Some Tools
Grant Griesser had the tools for a short playing career, long coaching career.  
10 - John Gross, Eluded Him
John Gross pitched over five seasons, but a spot at AA or higher eluded him.
11 - Arned Hernandez, Home Run 
Arned Hernandez played in three professionals seasons. He never made it out of single-A.  
12 - Jake Jacobs, First Start
Jake Jacobs was nervous for his first pro start. He played three seasons, never made AA.
13 - Mike Jirschele, That Uniform
Mike Jirschele waited 37 years to make the majors. He finally made it as a coach with the Royals.  
14 - Matt Karchner, Own Luck
Matt Karchner made his own luck and he played in six major league seasons.
15 - David King, Get Started
David King wanted to go out and start his career. His pro career lasted just three seasons.
16 - Herb Milton, Youth Coach
Herb Milton played three professional seasons. He later became a youth coach.
17 - Geovany Miranda, No Rest
Geovany Miranda came to the U.S. for baseball. Years later, he hoped game would keep him here
18 - Kerwin Moore, Away from Home
Kerwin Moore got out of inner city Detroit and made the majors for 22 games.
19 - Andre Rabouin, Part Of
Andre Rabouin has spent four decades in the game. He's now a coach with Gallaudet.
20 - Fred Russell, Hitting Now
Fred Russell hit well at Eugene. He never hit well enough to make AA.
21 - Colin Ryan, Baseball Mind
Colin Ryan had a good baseball mind at Maine. He took that to three pro seasons.
22 - Chris Schaefer, Everybody's Goal
Chris Schaefer's goal was like everybody's: to move up. He played in just three pro seasons.
23 - Steve Shifflett, Hard Game
Steve Shifflett got one season with the Royals. He worked to get back, but he didn't make it.
24 - David Solseth, Could Hit
David Solseth had a .303 average his first season. It couldn't take him to the bigs.
25 - Rod Stillwell, To Instill
Rod Stillwell worked hard and played two seasons as pro. He later became a high school coach.
26 - Louis Talbert, Finished Early
Louis Talbert helped Eugene to victory with his slider. He only played three seasons.
27 - Rich Tunison, Toughest Thing
Rich Tunison was a pure switch hitter. But he couldn't hit himself to the majors.
28 - Pedro Vazquez, Career High 
Pedro Vazquez picked up a career-high 4 RBIs in a 1991 high-A game. He never made the bigs.
29 - Skip Wiley, Phenomenal Ratio
Skip Wiley kept runners off base at Eugene. He played five seasons, but he never made AA.

Eugene Emeralds (30)
1 - Javier Alvarez, Tough Night, 9/22/18
2 - Francisco Baez, Sterling Night, 7/16/18
3 - Ramy Brooks, Promised Himself, 8/24/18
4 - Jay Carballo, Little Things, 9/23/18
5 - Scott Davis, Three Bats, 9/24/18
6 - Weddison Ebanks, Brief Stay, 9/9/18
7 - Charles Frederick, Little Mistake, 9/25/18
8 - Sean Franceschi, Tough Start, 8/7/18
9 - Harry Guanchez, Home Run, 9/28/18
10 - Rafael Gutierrez, Crowd Size, 9/29/18
11 - David Haber, Big Game, 10/6/18
12 - Donny Harrel, Best Thing, 7/19/18
13 - Doug Harris, His Job, 10/10/18
14 - Phil Hiatt, On Numbers, 7/30/18
15 - Dave Hierholzer, Vulture Wins, 8/31/18
16 - Brad Holman, High Points, 9/1/18
17 - Darron Johnson, Grand Slam, 9/2/18
18 - Tony Long, Went After, 9/3/18
19 - Geovany Miranda, No Rest, 7/17/18
20 - Ricky Moser, Two Hits, 8/7/18
21 - Doug Peters, Good Control, 7/20/18
22 - Gabriel Pineda, Stepped In, 10/7/18
23 - Damon Pollard, Big Win, 9/10/18
24 - Shayne Rea, How Much, 7/24/18
25 - David Rolls, Fit In, 9/17/18
26 - Arnie Sambel, His Heart, 8/12/18
27 - Doug Shields, Played Hard, 10/13/18
28 - Vernon Slater, Playing Better, 8/9/18
29 - Brady Stewart, Any Way, 8/11/18
30 - Shannon Strong, Loved It, 10/16/18

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