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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Andy McGaffigan could start or relive, saw 11 majors seasons

Andy McGaffigan 1990 Omaha Royals card
Traded to the Reds in mid-1984, Andy McGaffigan looked to get what any hurler wants, more playing time, according to The Associated Press.

"I'm hoping I'll get more work with the Reds than I did with the Expos," McGaffigan told The AP. "I can start or relieve. But I prefer starting."

One thing McGaffigan wasn't expected to get more of right then was sleep. The trade happened as McGaffigan's wife was ready to have their first child, The AP wrote.

McGaffigan did eventually get more playing time, but mostly as a reliever. His greatest playing time also came later, back with the team that traded him that year in 1984, the Expos.

McGaffigan's career began in 1978, taken by the Yankees in the sixth round out of Florida Southern College in Lakeland.

McGaffigan played his first year between short-season Oneonta and single-A Fort Lauderdale. He made AA West Haven in 1979, then AAA Columbus in 1981.

McGaffigan then made the Bronx that September in 1981, getting into two games, seven innings of work, while giving up two earned runs.

For 1982, though, the Yankees sent McGaffigan to the Giants. McGaffigan also hoped then for more playing time, telling The Palm Beach Post he felt stranded in the Yankees system. "They didn't seem to have me in mind for any of their plans," McGaffigan told The Post.

McGaffigan made the Giants in 1982, but got into only four games. He returned to San Francisco for 43 contests, 16 starts, in 1983.

For 1984, McGaffigan arrived with the Expos for the first time, getting 21 outings, 3 starts. He then was traded to the Reds, getting just nine outings down the stretch.

In September 1985, still with the Reds and working as a starter, McGaffigan threw a complete game, his second as a pro, The AP wrote. Afterward, McGaffigan told The AP he hoped his performances that year would open a spot for him in the rotation.

"It's difficult when you're in the bullpen and then you're a spot-starter," McGaffigan told The AP. "You can't be a jack-of-all-trades."

Then McGaffigan returned to the Expos, getting 14 starts in 1986 in 48 total outings. For 1987, McGaffigan turned full-time reliever, getting a career-high 69 outings of work. He also picked up 12 saves and posted a 2.39 ERA.

McGaffigan returned to Montreal for 63 more outings in 1988, then 57 in 1989. For 1990, McGaffigan was traded to the Giants, then released. He then signed with the Royals, making Kansas City for 24 outings, 11 starts.

He started his run with the Royals with 29 innings as a starter, where he gave up just four earned runs, The AP wrote. In one August Royals win, McGaffigan went six scoreless.

"I try not to be too cute out there," McGaffigan told The AP after that August game. "I just want to get ahead of the count and stay ahead of the hitters. I don't really consider myself a finesse pitcher."

McGaffigan returned to the majors for four more outings in 1991, with the Royals, ending his career after 11 seasons in the bigs.
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